Friday, December 02, 2005

Handicapping the election

It's been a busy pre-holiday stretch at work this week, plus a few vendor and public relations firm Christmas parties to attend ('tis tough, the life of the trade journo). I'll have more to post later, but I wanted to get up this press release that crossed my desk earlier in the week.

Not that I advocate gambling, never. Still, it's interesting. But for entertainment purposes only! Posts Odds on Upcoming Canadian Election
Despite No Confidence Vote, Liberals Favored Over Conservatives

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao, Nov. 30 /CNW/ -- After Monday's vote of no-confidence brought an end to the 17-month reign of the ruling Liberal government, Canadian voters will head to the polls in January to decide the
future governance of the nation. With the sitting government falling for the first time since 1979 and possibly ending Paul Martin's hold on Canadian politics, today announced odds on the outcome of the upcoming election for control of the Canadian Parliament.
Despite being the first government to fall on a straight motion of no-confidence, lists the Liberals as favorites to win the most seats in the upcoming election at 2/5 odds. The Liberals have also been
made a 12.5 seat favorite over Stephen Harper's Conservatives for the total seats won in January's vote. has also created unique over/under betting lines on the total number of seats won by each of the four major political parties. Although they held 133 seats in Parliament after the last election, believes that recent government corruption and scandals will not go unpunished by the electorate and lists the over/under in seats won by the Liberals at only 120.5.

The loss of Liberal MP's means potential gains for the other political parties and the bookmaker predicts
that the Conservatives (over/under 107.5), Bloc Quebecois (over/under 60.5) and NDP (over/under 29.5) will all gain seats in the House of Commons.

"After losing the parliamentary majority in June 2004, the public's confidence in Paul Martin and the Liberal party has continued to wane, and the no-confidence vote in Parliament seems to reflect widespread public sentiment," said Simon Noble of "Despite all of the recent controversy, the polls indicate that the Liberals will gain the most seats in this historic election, but with little chance of gaining an overall
In addition to offering betting on the Parliamentary seats won by the parties, has also posted odds on some of the key ridings in the upcoming election. The oddsmakers currently list Liberal Carolyn Bennett as a 10,000 vote favorite to win re-election in the riding of St. Paul's in Toronto over Conservative challenger Peter Kent. In what is certain to be one of the most closely watched votes, NDP party leader Jack Layton is favored by a mere 3,000 votes over Liberal Deborah Coyne in the Toronto-Danforth riding. will accept wagers on the Canadian Election until the vote on January 23, 2006. For more information and a complete list of odds, please visit .

Current Odds: *All Odds Subject to Change*

Which Party Will Win More Seats?
Liberals 2/5
Conservatives 12/5

Total Seats Won, Including All Recounts
Liberals -12.5 seats
Conservatives +12.5 seats

Total Seats Won by Liberals
Over 120.5 seats 11/10
Under 120.5 seats 5/6

Total Seats Won by Conservatives
Over 107.5 seats 5/6
Under 107.5 seats 11/10

Total Seats Won by Bloc Quebecois
Over 60.5 seats 1/1
Under 60.5 seats 10/11

Total Seats Won by NDP
Over 29.5 seats 10/11
Under 29.5 seats 1/1

St. Paul, Toronto Riding
Carolyn Bennett -10,000 votes
Peter Kent +10,000 votes

Toronto-Danforth Riding
Jack Layton -3,000 votes
Deborah Coyne +3,000 votes

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