Friday, January 20, 2006

NDP: Tories won't eat your children

Because I know you were wondering, weren't you? That was one of the choice quotes from the Charlatan's coverage of a recent Ottawa-Centre all-candidates debate at my alma matter, Cartoon U.

Sayeth the article: (NDP candidate Paul) Dewar said there is an unjustifiable “fear that Tories will eat your children,” which propels voters into the waiting clutches of the Liberals.

I'm glad that Paul has set the record straight. The Marijuana Party candidate sounds like a character too, but is that a surprise? Anyway, here's the article:

Fed debate smokin’
Written by Kimberly Shearon
A harried man sporting dreadlocks and a baggy sweatshirt stormed into Carleton University’s Fenn Lounge Jan. 12 demanding to know who was in charge of the Ottawa Centre all-candidates debate.
John Akpata, the Marijuana Party candidate in the riding, said he had not received an invitation from event organizers.
“You are purposely excluding me from participating,” he said in a heated discussion with Erin Stevens, vice-president (student issues) of the Carleton University Students’ Association. “It’s 2006. I’m not going to sit at the back of the bus anymore.”

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