Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another Con blogger bites the dust

First Monte left the blogsphere behind, which given his new ministerial responsibilities is probably a pretty good idea, although he will be missed. Now it seems his blogging comrade James Moore has also logged-off.

His final post was actually Wednesday but I just noticed it today and haven't heard it mentioned elsewhere. Here's his last entry:

February 8/2006
I'm afraid, like my friend
Monte, this will be the final posting on my blog. I have always been of the view that if you cannot do something with all your intensity and commitment, don't do it. As a result, this blog is going to be a casualty of my new responsibilities and my prioritizing of my spare time. I have really enjoyed blogging, may return some point, but for now.... bonsoir.

Like Monte's decision, this is probably a good one for James too. Although he doesn't have ministerial responsibilities like Monte...scratch that....altough he doesn't have a ministerial title like Monte, as Parliamentary Secretary to an unappointed Quebec party bagman running the most patronage-prone ministry in government I suspect James is going to be mighty busy putting out brushfires in the House of Commons. While we won't have his blog entries, we will have lots of him on his feet in QP, so it's not all bad.

It's probably for the best though, because I don't know how he could have topped this pre-cabinet selection post:

February 5/2006
A few words seared into my brain that I've been saying for about 2 weeks now: "Mr. Harper will announce his cabinet on Monday. I have nothing more to say." Where is Superman when you need him to spin the globe a little faster so Monday arrives sooner?

Poor kid. Where is Superman indeed. Yes, where is Superman indeed.

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Dana said...

Lord Stephen doesn't have any control over what they might type in the wee, dark, despairing hours of the morning when they realize their blood loss.

Anonymous said...

The first step in a fascist takeover is to force your troops to sing the party line. I believe Garth turner is finding this out the hard way - although I suddenly have new found respect for him.

Soon, we will all be muzzled. Then they will ask to see our identification....

JD said...

Mr. Sanctimonious does it for me, although I have used Stepford Stephen at times.

Noel M said...

I wonder if the blog shutdowns were ORDERED by Harper...

A BCer in Toronto said...

They might have been encouraged, but even if they had time time to blog now with ministerial or psuedo-ministerial responsibilities, I think they're both smart enough to know it wouldn't be a good idea. Being an opposition MP is a different ball of wax than a Minister or PS, you're under much closer scrutiny. With the responsibility it's necessary to step back to a degree.