Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hey, if it's good enough for Bushie...

Many Conservatives don't seem to see anything wrong with making a former lobbyist for the defence industry your defence minister.

Going from government to lobbying, das ist verbotten! But from lobbying to government? Alles gut. Warum nicht?

Sorry, back to English. I guess they figured it worked out so well for George W. Bush, so why not give it a try?

Courtesy Al Franken and his book Lying Liars...

In charge of

NamePosition Previously lobbied for polluters ofIn charge of
Mark ReyUndersecretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and EnvironmentForestsForests
Bennett W. RaleyInterior Assistant Secretary for Water and ScienceWaterWater
Rebecca WatsonAssistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals ManagementWaterWater
Carmen TooheySpecial Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior for AlaskaAlaskaAlaska
Patricia Lynn ScarlettAssistant Secretary of the Interior for Policy, Management and BudgetGovernment regulationsEverything

And that's just from the Department of the Interior! I must admit though, it's an elegant logic. Who would be better suited to write environmental law than a former paid shill for the big polluters? Or, who better to decide what size the warning labels should be on cigarette packages than a former tobacoo lobbyist?

Just don't go back to lobbying after you leave government though, beause that would be wrong. Unless you're John Reynolds, in which case go for it brother.

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JimDandy said...

Are you sure about that Al Franken link? In the first case, it is an Al Franken smear site, and in the second, that chart doesn't seem to be on the website. Of course, Google's site search option might be broken.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Opps you're right. I linked the wrong site, I was preoccupied with the html code to format the chart. Thanks jimdandy. And I didn't find the chart online, I reproduced it from my hard copy of the book.