Monday, February 13, 2006

Isn’t Florida supposed to be warm?

I flew down to Miami yesterday for a work-related conference (business process management software, terribly exciting stuff), so blogging will be less regular over the next few days. Unless I go clubbing with J-Lo or get shot by Jeb Bush, in which case I’ll post a full report.

It’s my first time in the Sunshine state and so far I have to say it’s frickin cold! I’m stuck actually attending the sessions instead of lounging by the pool, because they’re calling for a high of 13c today and a low of 4c.

Now, I know I shouldn’t complain, as I’m informed it’s currently snowing and –12 with the wind chill back in Toronto. But still, this is Florida! The chill was the lead story on the local newscasts last night and while they’re not calling out the army yet it is being treated like a calamity. They even devoted a segment to the proper use of space heaters.

I’m hoping it will warm-up before I head home but it’s not looking good, so I guess it’s lots of talk about solutions, synergies and scalability for me. The resort, at least, is very nice. I’ll be back in Toronto Wednesday night, assuming the Conservatives haven’t put me on a watch list and allow me back into the country.

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Kevin Brennan said...

Would this trip result in an article somewhere? I'm actually quite interested in BPM software in a professional capacity.