Thursday, February 09, 2006

A preview of day five of the one day Emerson story

Globe and Mail blogger Dan Cook reports the Hon. David "be nice to me please, I can't take a punch" Emerson will lower himself and speak to the unwashed media horde this afternoon, in time for the evening news and newspaper deadlines. It's a conference call though, so no weepy pictures for the cameras.

"International Trade Minister and Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics David L. Emerson will be available for a conference call with representatives of the media at 4:30 p.m. today."

Any bets what most of the questions will be about?

In other news, at least one CPC MP has come out of his shell today and found his spine by speaking on the record about Emersongate (ok that doesn't work, I'll keep brainstorming) AND still say what he was saying mere weeks ago, and dammed if it isn't Garth Turner:

“I said during the campaign that I think anyone who crosses the floor ultimately should go back to the people for ratification and I stick by it,” Ontario Conservative Garth Turner told reporters in Ottawa.

I'm no fan of Garth Turner, but good on him for sticking to his principles.
And I'm sure the fact he wasn't on this list, or even this one, has nothing to do with his frankness. Nothing at all.

Nor does her name being on one of those lists have anything at all to do with this:

Conservative Revenue Minister Carol Skelton, who in the last session introduced a motion to restrict the practice of party-switching, told reporters she does not plan to renew the call when the House resumes.

“That was last year,” she said. “We talked about it, and I decided not to proceed with it. It's one of those matters that is debatable.”

I can't add a thing to that. Bravo Carol.


Remember that Emerson media conference call scheduled for 4:30 pm est? Dan Cook dialed-in. Here's his report:

Update 4:52 p.m. EST: Still on hold.
Update 4:54 p.m. EST: Operator announces Minister Emerson has been caught in traffic; the conference call has been cancelled. Guess they don't have cell phones in limousines.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I don't think this story is going away...

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JD said...

If Emerson's as smart as everyone makes him out to be, how could he not of not forseen that "sh*t would hit the fan" over his opportunism? I do not believe that he would make a crossover decision in one day unless the Reformatories "have something on him". I think that there is a lot more to this story than "meets the eye". Hopefully we will find out. If I was a Conservative supporter I would be somewhat concerned about Harper's moves so far.

Anonymous said...

I think Emerson is smart and experienced in the business world where management picks the best people for the jobs required and you get on with it.

He is naive about politics. It is a blood sport of egos and opportunism and one-up-manship that would not be tolerated in the business world.

In my opinion if government was run more like a business we would be better off.

Emerson Links said...

This just in:

On CBC's "Politics" this evening they had a panel of staffers on debating the Emerson Scandal.

The Prime Ministers Director of Communications, William Stairs said Mr. Emerson decided to cross the floor "rather than wasting his time in opposition."

That's right - the Prime Minister's office just called being in opposition a waste of time. Who needs democracy?!

A BCer in Toronto said...

Waste of time? Other than the not governing part, I think being in opposition is the bee's knees. What a week this has been!

Emerson Links said...

Apparently some other reporters were told by staffers - at the same time as they were booted from this conference call no less - that Emerson was "upstairs".

Which led the press to ask:

Why was he even having a conference call when he is in Ottawa and so are we?

Why are staff in his office saying he is upstairs when the operator is saying he is stuck in traffic?

How is he stuck in traffic in Ottawa for 25 minutes? This isn't Cairo, we don't have traffic jams.

There are like seven phones in his car, he couldn't pick one of them up?

Dana said...

Courtesy of Loudon Wainwright:
"You got yer
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
You got yer dead skunk in the middle of the road
Stinkin' to high Heaven!"

What's that old dictum? Everything eventually turns into it's opposite. That's it. Pretty sudden version of "eventually" for these castoff Manning Machiavellis.

Budd Campbell said...

Liberals might as well realize that if there is a byelection in Kingsway, they not going to regain this seat. The NDP will pick it up.

So the Liberal game has to be smearing Emerson without going so far as to force a byelection.

The Tory response should be to open the Quadra seat by offering MP Stephen Owen a distinguished post he cannot refuse (Ambassador to Washingtom, maybe???). Then the Tories gain Quadra, BC keeps Emerson at the Cabinet table, and the NDP gains Kingsway.

And Canada's natural governing party, our mighty Liberals are left with over $30 million in debt, and with stars like Bill Cunningham, Jamie Elmhirst, and Mark Marisen to guide them into the future.

Dana said...

Budd, you're dreamin' in technicolour. There isn't a seat anywhere in Vancouver the Conservatives could win after this. Not a one. Maybe not even in the burbs. I don't know where you live but people in Vancouver and environs are pretty pissed right now and it's not just at Emerson. It's at the CPC too.

Steve V said...

"I think being in opposition is the bee's knees."

These guys are making it far too easy. Can't wait for the first question period!

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Budd does make a good point though.

We're not going to see an election in Vancouver-Kingsway any time soon, because there's NO WAY Emerson can win it.

bruce said...

It looks to me like Emerson is a true Blue Conservative after all. A political opportunist at every turn, regardless of ideologies. Any bets he'll run for leader of the Conservatives when Harper gets booted out someday? He's a man with a mission, but I don't trust him.

A BCer in Toronto said...

If there is a by-election in Kingsway Emerson won't be running in it, or anywhere else. If there is a byelection, it will be because a)Harper decided to cut his losses and Emerson didn't want to sit on the backbench and waste his precious talents, or b)Emerson decided to take his marbles and go home. Emerson would indeed be defeated in any Vancouver area election, even, I think, in tony Quadra. Not that Owen is going anywhere. If Harper decides to ride it out there won't be a by-election, because he knows Emerson would be toast.

As to who would take Kingsway, that's an interesting call. Clearly it won't be the Cons. While the anger might come together behind sending back another Liberal as a screw-you to Emerson and Harper, I'd wager disgust at both sides would more likely give the seat to the NDP.