Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ken Dryden hits the left coast

Looks like Ken Dryden is the latest of the potential Liberal leadership candidates to be making a stop on the left coast. He’s not without handicaps but I like Ken, he’s a candidate I could see myself supporting and I hope he gets in the race.

Here's the invite:

You are cordially invited to a reception with
Hon. Ken Dryden
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Vancouver Island Ballroom
Grand Pacific Hotel
436 Belleville Street, Victoria
Food and Refreshments will be provided

Please join us as we discuss the future of the Liberal Party of Canada and the LPC in B.C.
This reception is amongst a series of similar gatherings in British Columbia featuring prominent Liberals from across Canada.

We think it is important to have an open dialogue about the future of our Party and who should lead it. This is neither intended nor should be interpreted as an endorsement or support of any particular candidate for the upcoming leadership race in the Liberal Party of Canada but rather a chance to meet and help form the debate to ensure BC issues are front and centre.

Please feel free to share with invitation with other interested Liberals.

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Steve V said...

I like Ken too. The challenge for Dryden will be whether he can convey his ideas with the necessary inflection to motivate. It will be interesting to see how Dryden does, because he represents the perfect tension between style and substance.

JD said...

The upcoming CBC series on the '72 series should give him some momentum. He has a lot going for him - however I'd like to see him work a bit on his presentation. Hopefully he is getting some coaching on his delivery.

Penny said...

Is that an open invitation for the hoi polloi, or is it for members of the party only, d'you know? Maybe I should go!

I'm a long-time hockey fan, but what else has Dryden got to recommend him for the leadership? Managing the Leafs? Gotta be something more....

A BCer in Toronto said...

It appears to be an open invite. While it says Liberals I don't think they'll be checking membership cards at the door. Besides, if it ended up in my e-mail box it's safe to say it's not just for the mucky mucks. :)

I agree, Steve, that's Dryden challenge, and it's also the challenge for Stephane Dion. They're the two potential candidates I'd support, so it will be interesting to see if they can work on that.

I met Ken in person a little while back when he was in cabinet and he's very engaging, articulte and smart, but doesn't fit the mold of the typical gladhanding politician. Which, all things considered, may not be that bad a thing.

Budd Campbell said...

The candidate to beat in the Liberal non-Leadership race is clearly Ashley McIsaac. He alone has the platform presence and pizzaz needed to fill halls in such a way as to have some hope, however tenuous, of paying down the Liberal Party's massive debt.

That mountain of debt, left on the party's shoulders by business friendly fiscal conservative Paul Martin, is the one and only real reason why all the big names have taken a pass.

Ogilvie said...

If you could bottle Ken Dryden's speaking style, you could market it as a cure for insomnia.