Friday, April 14, 2006

Leaders need to lead

There’s been some interesting posts lately in the blogsphere about the shape of the still beginning Liberal leadership race. Cherniak says potential matters, and Red Tory wonders where the bold vision is. I’ve been wondering too. They both have their points, but I’d like to add another thing that I’m looking for: I’m looking for a leader.

Someone with upside potential is important. I’d like to see someone grow into the job, although a certain base of experience and skill is obviously a necessity. And we need someone with ideas and vision, and while it’s early yet, no one has shown that seize the day spirit.

What we need more than anything is a leader. No more governing by focus groups, pandering to every interest group, and trying to appeal to everyone. Being open and inclusive is important, but for god’s sake have strong ideas.

Know what you want Canada to be, what you want to do, and how you want to get there. Argue passionately for your vision, and get people behind it. That’s leadership.

A true leader shouldn’t have to use the whip to rally people behind their vision. The force of their ideas, their passion, their vision, should be whip enough.

Sometimes leadership is using the whip though. Leadership is saying on some issues that speak to fundamental Liberal values I am going to whip my caucus, ie., in support of SSM. Know that before you elect me. That’s the kind of leadership I’d like to see.

Is that candidate in this race? Maybe, but I haven’t seen it yet. That’s why I’m still undecided. And maybe that leader won’t emerge, and we’ll pick the best of a field of very credible and worthy candidates. I hope that leader is there though.

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frank said...

You gotta check out this new Blog - It seams Sean Holman is a guest writer!
And, Carol James and Harry Lali are doing the Titanic!