Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Seattle urinals: What’s the deal mate?

As my handful of regular readers will know I’m currently in the Emerald City, Seattle, on a business trip covering a Microsoft conference.

For those interested, they still insist Vista will be available for the enterprise in November and consumers in January. I also have a beta of Office 12 I'm going to play with next week and may post some thoughts on.

Been having much fun outside of work though. It's a lovely city. Today, a few of us went down to the Space Needle. It’s no CN Tower, but it’s really cool, and a nice view. Unfortunently we didn't realize that was the Sci-Fi museum next door, when we checked it out it was closed.

I’ve been here since Sunday , heading up to British Columbia tomorrow to visit the family, but last night
over drinks someone finally brought up a question I’ve been wondering, and it turns out all the other (guys) in the group have too: what’s the freakin deal with the urinals in this city?

Take a look at this pic (which I did not take, and won’t reveal who did) and you’ll see what I mean. It’s freakin huge, it comes three feet out from the wall!

I’ve used the facilities at four different public places in Seattle: the Westin Hotel, the W Hotel, the convention centre and Safeco Field. Same urinals at all of them.
I mean, how do you use these things?

Do you spread your legs and straddle them? Do you hang back and have no privacy at all? I feel like Paul Hogan in that first Crocodile Dundee movie.

Craziness I say, craziness!

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Glen said...

You've been scooped.

Mike Gillis said...

As far as I know (having lived there, off and on, for a total of about two years) Seattlites, at least those who patronize the buildings you listed, don't tend to use the urinals anyway. I don't think anyone actually knows how to use those things.

I wonder what sort of design epiphany possessed whoever came up with them. Perhaps we're just unenlightened.