Saturday, June 10, 2006

Not being afraid

This was me not being afraid at the Blue Jays game this afternoon. Actually, if I do look a little afraid, it’s only because I’d just heard Ted Lilly was pitching. And that fear was mainly unfounded; while he did take the loss he didn’t pitch that bad a game.

On my way downtown I wasn’t afraid in the subway either. And I’m not sure if I passed through “South Toronto” or not on my way out from Scarborough, but if I did, I wasn’t particularly afraid then either.

I mention all this because I’ve been mulling over the “I am not afraid” campaign over the last few days. You’ve probably heard of it by now, it was conceived by Warren Kinsella and others as a response to the recent terrorism-related arrests in Toronto, and involves a march and attending a Jays game in a few weeks as a way of showing any potential terrorists types out there that they can’t terrorize us.

An admirable sentiment, to be sure, and I have no quarrel with the idea or its organizers. Their hearts are definitely in the right place. I can understand the feeling of wanting to do something, and wanting to channel that feeling into something positive.
And let me say that, whether these recent allegations are proven true or not, I don't underestimate the seriousness of the threat.

I just wonder, though, if this is the best way of doing it. I’m not afraid, and I don’t need a t-shirt to say so. I really don’t think we need a rally to proclaim that we’re not afraid. I don’t agree with those that say such a event emboldens potential terrorists, that’s silly, such people have no problem boldening themselves. I just don’t think they’re worth the attention.

I think the best way to show them we’re not afraid is to just not be afraid. We don’t need to change our daily routines. Keep on going to Jays games, especially on sunny days when the roof is open or when Halladay is pitching. Keep riding the subway when the mechanics haven’t walked out. Keep visiting South Toronto, and if you find out where it is, let me know. I am apartment hunting at the moment for something downtown.

To the I am not afraid people I hope your event is a success, and I may attend myself. After all, the Nye Mets are my favourite squadron (after the Jays, of course). But in the meantime, I’ll just keep on not being afraid on my own.

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s.b. said...

You look so serious in that photo. It`s hillarious. I love it.

P.S. It`s kind of blurry and I guess I don`t have my glasses on as usual, but I thought that button said join Dick`s $100 revolution and for a moment thought, `God , not Nixon again` But he`s dead. I think, so I figured out it said DION. lmao


A BCer in Toronto said...

That's because I'm seriously not afraid...actually, the batteries were low and the camera kept turning off before I could take the picture, so i was getting pissed off. :)

On the button I shrunk it a bit beause the original was just too big, but maybe I made it too small. I'll fiddle with it a bit.

Durable1 said...

Seriously, I am afraid of anything and everything Toronto.My Mother comes from Toronto and she was a very mean Mother so it must be a mean city right!

I was not afraid sitting in Heathrow Airport when there were IRA bomb threats on a regular basis.

I was not afraid walking the avenues of Paris even though the Gendarmes hustle in squadrons of paramilitary scurrying, like the crocodile walks of the girls from Crofton House in Vancouver's west end.

I was not afraid of exploring the canals and streets of Amsterdam where pick pockets are notorious.

I was not afraid at anytime whilst living 6 weeks in Dar es Salaam just months after the US Embassy was bombed.

I was not afraid to go to Africa where HIV and aides are the terror of the continent. Hell even the malaria laiden mosquito are terrorists on the fever coast.

I was not afraid when we got stuck (2 hours)in the swamp deep inside the NgoroNgoro crater, with packs of Hyenas running past, a pride of lions kill a zebra only a few metre away. Seriously, I was not happy about it but hey I knew I wouldn't die under an African sun.

I am afraid of PMSH taking Canada in a direction that is not compatible with the liberal Canada that I have grown up and raised my family in. Now that is something we should all be afraid of.

Penny said...

I agree with Durable. I am more afraid of the PMS government than I am of those wannabe "terrorist scumbags".

After all, CSIS/RCMP stopped them before they were able to behead Il Duce and his minions, didn't they?

I am so not afraid that I've already forgotten all about it. The cops are on the ball, keeping our streets safe, just as they always have been. Maybe a bit overzealous at times, but that's another story....

Gazetteer said...

I'm with durable and penny--

Well, except maybe for those crocodiles walking around Crofton.

I mean it's scary enough there already, what with the clear cuttin' and all.


Saskboy said...

I'm so unafraid, that I've expressed my fear in the form of a webpage showing just how not-afraid I am.

As soon as the first bombing happens, I'll have .gif files ready to tribute those lost in the CN Tower, and Rogers SkyDome, so that the public can better understand the need we have to rewrite our laws so we can deport 3rd generation Canadians who have the wrong religion or skin.