Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A not so Angry blast from the just five months past

Apropos of really absolutely nothing, while catching-up on my blog reading this evening I was reminded of this story from waaaaay back in January, in the Brandon Sun. The bolding is mine.

Pallister’s prowling of province stirs controversy
By Curtis Brown

Portage-Lisgar MP Brian Pallister will have some extra, taxpayer-funded help with him when he stops in western Manitoba next week to suss out how much support is out there for him to become the next leader of the provincial Progressive Conservative party.

Pallister, who announced late last week he will tour the province this month to size up support for a leadership bid, said yesterday that staff from his federal MP’s office will assist him as he meets with Manitoba Tories.

Criticized already for waiting until after the Jan. 23 federal election to make a decision on the provincial leadership, Pallister is now taking more heat as he will not only continue to draw his MP’s salary, but will also use his federally-funded staff to help him sound out his leadership prospects.

Oddly enough, a scan of the angry archives for January and February doesn’t find any mention of Mr. Pallister. An oversight, I’m sure. You know who else was silent? Stephen “Accountability” Harper.

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