Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday's hypocrisy watch – Peter McKay

This was my final vacation viewing of question period (only real nerds watch QP on Fridays J) and it was a fiery session. Blair Wilson and David Emerson really went at it, trading stereotypes about cappuccino-sucking Vancouverites. Myself, I think anyone that pays $5 for a coffee is an idiot, but I digress.

They had some good exchanges. But today’s hypocrisy award goes to our Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay, who got his feathers ruffled by questioning from Liberal Keith Martin. Not run back home to the farm and hug a neighbor’s dog ruffled, but still ruffled.

Just for way of background, Dr. Martin was formerly a member of the Reform Alliance party, but when he felt he could no longer stomach some of the more extreme positions of his caucus colleagues he left the party, sat as an independent until the next election, and has since twice won re-election as a Liberal. It’s a classy way of doing it that both Belinda Stronach and David Emerson should have followed.

Now, the parents don’t have a PVR, so here’s roughly what Peter said to Dr. Martin, in response to a question on the Conservative government’s aimless foreign affairs policy:

“ If you don’t like the honourable member’s (Martin’s) positions or views, just wait…”

That’s rich. Oh hypocrisy, thy name is Peter McKay. His past is rampant with examples of flip floppery and shifting positions.

If you don’t like Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Peter McKay’s promise to David Orchard (in exchange for the support that elected him PC leader) not to merge the Tories with the Canadian Alliance just wait…he’ll change his mind the next day.

Et tu, Peter?

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