Thursday, June 08, 2006

Village in British Columbia doing what Conservatives won't

The tiny village of Cumberland, B.C. voted unanimously recently to honour members of the Canadian Forces that die in the service of their country by flying the village's flags at half-mast.

You may recall the Federal government used to do the same, but when the Conservatives came into power this year they abruptly ended the practice, which had begun under the previous Liberal government.

The Comox Valley Record reports that Cumberland has joined Trail on a growing list of communities across the province choosing to honour our fallen soldiers by flying their flags at half-mast.

I think this is a great idea, bravo Cumberland and bravo Trail! I hope other municipal and provincial governments will follow suit and adopt similar policies. If all the flags are flying at half-past on the death of a soldier except the Federal government's Harper will have no choice but to reserve his decision and grant this honour to our citizens that die for Canada.

Council hopes flag policy could catch on nationwide
By Colleen Dane
Record Staff Writer

Jun 07 2006

Following on the heels of communities across B.C., like Trail, Cumberland council agreed a half-mast flag is a good way to honour those in the Canadian Forces who lose their lives serving their country.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they feel it’s enough.

After approving a policy that would see Cumberland’s flags lowered to half-mast from the death to the funeral of a Canadian Forces member, Coun. Bronco Moncrief said it could be one step to spreading the practice nationwide.

“I certainly believe it should be national, but maybe it’s one way to put a little bit of a squeeze on the politicians in Ottawa,” said Moncrief.

Coun. Gwyn Sproule noted it could be a complicated step, depending on how long Canada stays in Afghanistan, but fully supported the motion anyway.

It passed unanimously.

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1 comment:

Carmi said...

I find it particularly galling that the elected federal officials who decided to put a stop to flying the flaf at half mast when Canadians die abroad have no personal connection to the military.

Perhaps if Mr. Harper and his buddies had parents, siblings or kids serving in Afghanistan, they'd be singing a different tune.

Major kudos to the community-minded leaders in Trail and Cumberland. It's nice to know that common sense continues to prevail in everyday Canada. If only it made its way back to Parliament Hill.