Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CG on Dion: A mini-series

Calgary Grit has posted part one of his recent interview with Stephane Dion today, with two more parts to follow. While CG is supporting Gerard Kennedy he has and is giving all the candidates a fair and evenhanded shake, and the first installment of his Dion interview is certainly well worth a read.

CG’s was also the second blog I began to regularly read a few years ago (via Kinsella, who was the first) and his perspective is always interesting, informative and insightful (I'm on an alliteration kick right now) so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of his take on Stephane.

I also wanted to highlight this section from CG’s interview. I think Stephane is bang-on here, and I don’t just say that because I’ve said much the same thing myself in the past! The answer here is in response to a question on sponsorship, and if, as a former Quebec minister, Stephane would be tainted by it as leader.

If Harper tries that, I would say that my integrity has never been tarnished at all. The fact is, we have been too kind and we need to say “no more mister nice guy”. The people who were crooks went to jail and will go to jail, but our 75 candidates in Quebec are honest people and we need to aggressively defend their integrity. If Gilles Duceppe brings it up, I would ask him about the Parti Quebecois accepting illegal funds from Group Action. If he calls the Liberal Party crooks, I would sue the Bloc. If Harper brings it up, I would ask him to release the names of the donors to his first leadership campaign in the name of integrity.

Right on, and whomever wins I hope they take this attitude.

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