Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yuan nominated in Kingsway

(Scroll down for the update) The Canadian Press is reporting local businessperson Wendy Yuan was nominated todayas the Liberal candidate in Vancouver-Kingsway, the riding that David Emerson won as a Liberal before crossing the floor to negoiate a softwood lumber sellout no one seems to like, except for his old friends at Canfor.

No word on numbers, except that it was close. The other candidate for the nomination was local lawyer Mason Loh. The CP story didn't have his reaction to the result. Earlier in the week, he had complained about the timing of the meeting.

Whether Emerson runs again or not (if i was a betting man, I'd bet no) Yuan is right when she said the NDP will be the real competition in that riding. Should be an interesting race, and it begins today.

Liberals nominate new federal election candidate
Canadian Press

VANCOUVER — The Liberals nominated a new federal election candidate on Saturday in the Vancouver riding currently held by Liberal defector and Conservative Trade Minister David Emerson.

Wendy Yuan, the president of a B.C.-based export company, won the nomination against lawyer Mason Loh in what a Liberal spokesman called a close race.

UPDATE: Vancouver radio station CKNW is reporting the results of the nomination race as Yuan 324, Loh 296, and quotes Loh's campaign manager, Greg Wilson, as saying Loh is considering an appeal.

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Nicole said...

Yeah....I saw that the Lions were victorious.....I'll let that pass for now, being that Smilin Hank and his horse got ran out of Regina last night ;-}

s.b. said...

Good, another woman for The Hill next time around. 5% is hardly that close. 30 votes out of 600 is a sizeable margin of victory.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Don't worry Nicole, Sask comes to TO in October and a work colleague/U of R grad and I plan to be there cheering for the green riders.

Nicole said...

We may end up friends after all Jeff, if you keep sweettalkin me like this :-D

Anonymous said...

Emerson is toast. Yuan is a strong female Chinese candidate. Sophia Leung, the MP before Emerson, was a weak female Chinese candidate, and she did very well. Yuan also would have beaten Leung in a nomination race in 2004. She stepped aside for Emerson, and worked constructively with the Liberal Party. This is good news.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased with this.

It was a close race between two good candidates - and it is time to get some female candidates nominated in winnable ridings.

Anonymous said...

Oh. One more thing.

I'm glad Yuan won, because her opponent is a former Reformer - I would hate to see him get elected as a Liberal, and then cross the floor again.

A BCer in Toronto said...

We may end up friends after all Jeff

At least until the playoffs I guess...

A BCer in Toronto said...

I wish Wendy well, she certaintly seems to have been working toward this for many years. I just hope any sour feelings around the way the nomination process was seen to be handled don't hurt the Liberal cause in the riding.

her opponent is a former Reformer - I would hate to see him get elected as a Liberal, and then cross the floor again.

LOL, wouldn't that be something? I think there'd be rioting if that happened.

Red Tory said...

Emerson is dead in the water. He's not going to run again.