Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogging from Lebanon

I wasn’t at Carleton at the same time as Mark MacKinnon, he graduated before I arrived, but I did meet him when he came back a few times over a years to share some words of advice and a beer with the gang at the student paper.

He’s covering the Middle Eastern conflict for the Globe, and right now he’s in Tyre, from where he filed this blog post this afternoon. It’s short, but I think it better captures the scene than the hundreds of column inches that have filled the newspapers or the hours of news broadcasts on tv: the helplessness of the people on both sides just caught in the middle.

Mark and his colleague Carolynne Wheeler have been filing regular blog reports, they make for interesting reading.

Caught in the crossfire
Mark MacKinnon, today at 4:57 PM EDT

Tyre, Lebanon – This is what it’s like to still be in Tyre, the largest city in south Lebanon right now.

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Mike said...


Funny, I went to Carleton and was a writer at the Charlatan - from 1986 to 1988 though. Wrote with Paula Bozzo - no Paula Newton from CTV...samll world and great report from Mark

knb said...

Great report. I've been reading a ton of blog's from both Lebanon and Israel. The, on the ground, reports are fascinating. Some have since come back to Canada and are getting their info from friends and family, left behind. Some are heartbreaking, some are enduring survivor's guilt.

Many of these blog's, speak to each other. A week or two ago, they were quite civil, but you're starting to see the anger/hate rise to the surface. It's very sad.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Small world Mike, I was there from 96 to 01. We former charlahackers are everywhere..