Monday, August 21, 2006

Blue Jays fight club?!

Jays pitcher Ted Lilly and manager John Gibbons nearly coming to blows on the mound, and then fighting in the clubhouse? What up with that? I just flipped the game on in the 8th, but they announcers alluded to an incident and this story was on the Web site. Apperantly, Gibbons has a history challenging his players to fights. I don't know what's happening in Jays land but something is rotten.

PS. Jays give up an 8-0 lead after two innings to drop the game 12-10.

Fight Club at Rogers Centre
August 21, 2006

TORONTO (CP) -- Toronto Blue Jays left-hander Ted Lilly and manager John Gibbons fought in the tunnel between the dugout and clubhouse after the left-hander was pulled from Monday's game against the Oakland Athletics.

The trouble began on the mound when, staked to an 8-0 lead, Lilly was bombed in the third, giving up five runs before Gibbons came to get him. Instead of a simple pitching change, what looked like a manager-umpire argument started.

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Dan McKenzie said...

Why hasn't Gibbons been fired yet?

JDot said...

The Jays are breaking my heart this year.

Dan -

Racarddi will stick with Gibby. They where roomates in the minors.
The onlyway I can see Gibby get canned, is if Paul or Ted fire him.

But who knows, gibby has been pretty crazy as of late.

burlivespipe said...

Gibbons virtually demanded the team to get rid of David Bush -- a pretty darn good pitcher that they used in the Overbay trade -- after they had a blow-up on the mound (Bush was demoted the next day)... Gibbons a right-wing, republican John Wayne kind of leader, who demands ultimate authority (most managers tend to rely more on give-and-take communication, like Bobby Cox) and takes no guff from anyone. His act has worn thin in TO and he'd probably be happier managing in Houston or Salt Lake City where his pro-Iraq war speeches would be better received. Don't know how Carlos Delgado would have done under this cracker...