Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My favourite compliments, Volume One

In his eight short months as a blogger your humble scribe has gotten many e-mails and comments complimenting his scriblings. It's always nice to know people are reading, and that they care, so I've decided to start a collection of my favourites, and I'll be adding to it over time.

Amy's comment, typo and all, was my favourite, but after yesterday that crown has been passed on to a new king, long may he reign. His will be tough to top. It warms the heart.

Thank-you to everyone. Keep on truckin.

Praise for A BCer in Toronto

** "… get it right or shut up." – Hon. Garth Turner, PC, BA, CPC MP (Halton)

** "
I'm going to go against my better judgement and give into the temptation to act like a whiny liberal like yourself. You're an ugly man (that really had to be siad)."– Anonymous commenter "Amy"

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Anonymous said...

Garth Turner???? Geeesh. As much as I do not agree with him, I would have expected from him, or any MP for that matter.

For what it's worth, I'm someone who's fairly new to these blogs, and I read you often. I sincerely appreciate your writing.


Darren McEwen said...

I read your blog often and I feel bad for now putting Garth Turner as one of my weekly Winners and Losers on my blog (he was a winner for speaking out about benefits for MP's).

I'd love to read the rest of your e-mail that he sent you :)

Davenport Liberal said...

Remeber Garth is the man who helped bring in the GST.

what else to except from him.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Darren, he actualy posted a comment, just follow the link (click the **).

And thanks knb.

Cerberus said...

Did you check the IP on the comment? Are you sure it is Garth. Frankly, it seems rather unlikely that he would care. Plus, I'm not sure he could withstand another midnight assault from the PMO ninjas for speaking out of turn.


A BCer in Toronto said...

Ted, the path the visitor came from (from behind the password protected admin page of his own blog) certaintly leads me to believe that it was indeed Turner. I also e-mailed him at the address provided on his Web site asking him to confirm his authorship, and more than 24 hours later have yet to hear back. If he hadn't written it, I'm pretty sure he'd have replied "No, wasn't me." Given those two things, I'm fairly confident 'twas him.

Cerberus said...


Jeff: the Conservatives think you are a threat! That's gotta feel good!!

A BCer in Toronto said...

I'm over the moon, man. :)

Saskboy said...

Maybe you'll get PM Harper to tell you to "F#$% Off" later on? Or maybe he'll fire you.