Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Do as I say, not as I do, or NDP logic

It seems that in Ontario, according to the NDP, a vote for the Green Party is a vote for the McGuinty Liberals.

Federally, however, a vote for the NDP is most assuredly NOT a vote for the Harper Conservatives. And how dare you even suggest such a thing! Vote strategically? That's a Liberal scam! How pretentious! Why I never…Buzz off, I say!

UPDATE: To the commentors who said the federal and provincial NDP are completly seperate, just like the federal and provincial Liberals; well, you're half right. The Liberals are different, but the NDP aren't.

In Ontario, it's generally the same people for both parties at both levels. In B.C., the Dippers are the same but the B.C. Liberals are much more Conservative, drawing both Liberals and some Conservatives. Many progressive Federal Liberals have voted NDP provincially in B.C., myself included.

Here's the difference though. There is no link between the Liberal Party of Canada and any provincial Liberal party. Same people in some cases, not in others. You need to join the parties separately. However, there IS a direct link between the NDP and its provincial cousins. When you join the Layton's NDP, you also automatically become a member of Howard's Ontario NDP or Carole's B.C. NDP, etc. From the membership form on the federal NDP Web site:

Sign the declaration
I, the undersigned, hereby apply for membership in the New
Democratic Party of Canada and the NDP in the province/territory
of my residence where applicable. I promise to abide by the
Constitution, policies and principles of the NDP both federally and
provincially/territorially. I hereby state that I am not a member
nor supporter of any other federal political party, nor a member or
supporter of any other provincial or territorial party where there is
a provincial or territorial NDP.

So, as you see, the link is tighter with the NDP then it is with any other party. Well, I don't know about the Greens.

Of course, during the 2004 federal election that didn't stop the NDP candidate from telling voters in my riding to vote NDP to stop Gordon Campbell, or NDP activisits in Ontario from telling voters to vote NDP to punish Dalton McGuinty for the health care premiums.

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Mike said...

You do realize they are two separate parties, just as the provincial Libs are two separate parties.

Besides that, yeah that is stupid. And an arguement for PR so this strategic voting crap goes away.

Anonymous said...

Two different situations completely. Federal versus provincial.

Anonymous said...

... but mirror-image mentality. You don't think Layton will join the Ontario team on the hustings, listening to that kind of logic? But when it comes to the death of Kyoto, Kelowna Accord, universal childcare and protecting SSM, he's resolutely of another voice -- 'Why, if a vote for me will put me into second place and Harpor into a majority, my wet dream has come true!' ~ ayay Capt Layton sir!

Anonymous said...

Spelling s/b: separate.

Gotcha. You corrected me once so I thought I'd return the favour. It happens eh?

Just kidding.

I love "informative" blog.

Jeff said...

What spelling mistake...i don't see a spelling mistake... :)


Anonymous said...

UPDATE: second line you spelled separate as "seperate".

Probably just a typo.

Don't worry about, I was just kidding.

Jeff said...

Actually, it's not a typo, but a comment on the futility of ethnic nationalism in an era of globalization...

Ted Betts said...

Don't forget that the Ontario NDP leader who immediately preceded Howard Hampton was previously a federal NDP, further emphasizing the close links between the federal and provincial NDP.

Now if only I could remember what that fella's name was and what he might be up to these days...

Jason Cherniak said...

So you know, the federal and provincial parties are the same in NS.

Jeff said...

Indeed? Those crazy so and sos!

Anonymous said...

There is only one organization for provincial and federal Liberals in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and I believe NFLD & Labrador. I was also under the impression that the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Liberals were also officially affiliated with the Federal Liberal party in the same way.