Monday, September 25, 2006

You didn't actually think he'd quit, did you?

Seriously guys, somebody wake me in December…

Liberal leadership race marred by allegations of membership irregularities

OTTAWA (CP) - Mud is starting to fly fast and furiously in the Liberal leadership race with allegations of membership irregularities spreading from Joe Volpe to presumed front-runner Michael Ignatieff.

A complaint has been filed with the Liberal party about 60 members allegedly signed up improperly by Ignatieff's camp in two Toronto-area ridings, including one man in Ignatieff's constituency said to have died two years ago.

The complaint, filed Monday with the Ontario wing of the party, comes on the heels allegations that Volpe's team improperly signed up scores of members in Montreal.

Rumours were rife that Volpe was going to exit the leadership race, but he held a news conference Monday to announce that he plans to hang in.

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Skip said...

Interesting. I wonder how much shit all the bloggers that have been calling Volpe out are going to give Ignatieff over the exact same thing? I'm going to bet that Cerberus (et. al.) still finds it in their hearts to find a compelling and honest (scoff) reason to explain why Ignatieff did something just as sleazy as Volpe.

Anonymous said...

I think the "Rae" camp is behind all this - the Chretien thugs. I keep wondering why are the former candidates (who were cabinet members/caucus) going over to Rae and not their friend Dion. This seems a little strange to me.

This is why Rae is so smug - he knows he's got the dirtiest bunch and money power behind him.

Nobody has proven either Volpe or Ignatieff have done anything sleazy - it's "allegations" and allegations don't mean guilty.

God, I wouldn't want 'uzurper' as a juror in a criminal case in court.

I think the rest should retaliate and support each other and not Rae - this would end the Chretien/Power Corp. control and influence.

Cerberus said...

Uzurper: Give me a break.

The guy who is dead signed up 5 years ago. None of the membership forms in question are recent or campaign membership forms so they all pre-date the campaign. This is the lowest of low smears.

Every single riding in the country will have dead members on its list because, and this may come as a surprise to you Uzurper, signing up as a member of the Liberal Party of Canada does not guarantee you everylasting life, the Chretien gang behind Rae notwithstanding.

But I wouldn't even put this one on Rae's team, although the MO fits. This seems clearly Volpe lashing out.

But curious that Volpe, rumoured to be dropping out, has a press conference only half an hour after Rae to announce that he's staying in the race. Wonder who benefits the most by not having Volpe endorse Rae yet.

Demosthenes said...

Wow, I wasn't expecting Uzurper and Cerberus to almost completely replicate the exchange from Cerberus' own blog.

Even if Uzurper is merely a no-name spinbot, it's still surprising that an established blogger like Cerberus would, apparently, play the same role.

(So, I wonder who Bob Rae's election campaign team is going to be?)

GhostBusters said...


The BIG question of the day is whose supporters were the GHOSTS chasing Joe Volpe today after his press conference about campaign tactics. See here:

As Paul Wells put it at :

“He shook visibly from fear, all the way, and well he should: if we had found out who sent him to do his anonymous work, it might well have stopped that person's leadership campaign in its tracks.”

Well, here is your guy. None other than:

Special Assistant,
Maurizio Bevilacqua,
Member of Parliament, Vaughan

Richard is also the hapless author of who was dumb enough to post pictures of him and his moronic cohort in costume BEFORE the cameras trained on Volpe as he exited.

Here is a picture of Richard so you can compare it to the file footage of Paul Wells jumping up on Wellington Street and ripping off his mask to uncover everything but his eyes.

Maurizio Bevilacqua, if you remember, is BOB RAEs Campaign Co-Chair, remember:

So the low tone of the current campaign has claimed another victim here. Did Zussman and partner go on their own accord to the conference or were they ON ORDERS of the Bob Rae Campaign and their boss MAURIZIO BEVILACQUA.

Maybe they should tell us.

burlivespipe said...

Not the Bevilacqua supporter who jumped to Iggy? Oh NO!
Ghostbuser, if you can't get the license plate of that bus don't try to pin it on the sports car...

Cerberus said...


Actually, Uzurper is going around trying hard to spread groundless smear - smear that the LPCO has said is groundless - and so I thought I'd try to put out some of the little smear brushfires that Uzurper is trying to spread.

You know, the funny thing about Uzurper is that, while being a Rae backer, I've only heard him tell us why everyone else is the wrong choice and never why he thinks Rae is the right choice. But I'm not surprised.