Monday, October 02, 2006

In the MSM, and not as a nutbar this time

Two other times my blogging foray has garnered some small MSM attention, and both times I came off as a crazed nutbar plotting insurrection and coups.

So when I got a Google News Alert tomight that my name had been mentioned in the Toronto Star I was a touch nervous. Besides, with Volpe’s poor showing I’d ordered the Soviet ships carrying my nuclear missiles to Toronto Island to turn around before they reached the US naval blockade.

Luckily though it was a good piece. Susan Delacourt wrote a short piece on the LPC’s leadership ticker, quoting myself, Paul Wells and Steve MacKinnon. Not bad company to be in and I come off sounding fairly intelligent, or at least not crazy, and what more can you really hope for?

One Web poster, a Liberal partisan named Jeff Jedras, who runs the blog "A BCer in Toronto," wrote that he was ambivalent about the snazzy gadget.

"On the plus it certainly generates interest, excitement and buzz. It also serves to help counter some of the speculation, rumour and spin that would be circulating," Jedras wrote. But he worried that the "unofficial" nature of the results could tilt perceptions the wrong way until official results come in later this month.

On another note, I should mention nominations are now open for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards, be sure to check it out. Blogging, particullarly the progressive side, certaintly seems to have grown by leaps and bounds over the past year.

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Anonymous said...

OK! OK! Stop twisting my arm! You have just been nominated "Best Blog"!

Blagues à part, I really do think you have one of the best blogs. Not only information wise but the content is often very very "human", with a tinge of humour once in a while. I truly enjoy reading your posts.

P.S. I also nominated Robert @ MyBlahg ... in another category. You are the best both of you! But I've said too much :-) Switching off!

Olaf said...

Don't worry Jeff,

You'll always be a nutbar in my books.

By the way, McClelland is quite distinguished company, you should be honoured.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - you've hit the big times in Canada and deservedly so. I ask, could you use your influence now the encourage our so called journalists to do some real writing. Bring forth to the public what's really going on in government (i.e Harper's "unaccountability") instead of worrying about Belinda's latest romance or something?

Wouldn't it be nice to have quality journalists here who aren't afraid of Harper and who would do some "real" investigative report. Ah, wouldn't it be nice...

A BCer in Toronto said...

Well I'd actually like to encourage everyone to support Smart Canucks, it's got my vote. Just last week they helped me save 75 cents on fabric softener.

And Olaf, you're kind as always. :)

Robert said...

Congrats on shedding the nutbar label! ;-)