Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mickey on politics, and roller coaster psychology

I’m back in the T-Dot, but last night I was in Anaheim at Disney’s California adventure, where I happened to run into Mickey Mouse. So, naturally, I asked Mickey for his take on the Liberal leadership race.*

Mickey said that he had and Minnie had been following the race, and even watched the last debate with some of the Disney gang. Apparently Minnie thought Gerard Kennedy was dashing, and Donald Duck thought Bob Rae’s Ontario baggage was overrated. Apparently Goofy and Tinker Bell got into a pretty heated shouting match over Stephane Dion’s grammar. Also, I hear Beaker stopped by and was upset that John Manley wasn’t in the race.

But Mickey told me though that he’s sick and tired of the whole thing, and can’t wait until it’s over. He asked me when the blogs are going to get back to holding the Conservative government to account (he is not a Stephan Harper fan at all) instead of attacking each other’s candidates. I didn’t have an answer for him, but I’m sure he’s all a twitter over today’s orgy of Garth Turner coverage.

Anyway, awesome time last night. The roller coaster was especially fun, I may finally be getting over my fear of heights. I find though that I do better with indoor roller coasters where it’s dark and you can’t see what’s coming, as opposed to the outdoor ones where you can see it all. Particularly that long, slow trip up, that’s the worst, the acid churning in my stomach.

P.S. Don’t have the Roast Beef sandwich from Air Canada’s buy on board service. Disgusting.

*No I didn’t. This disclaimer added because some people have absolutely no sense for humour. Or senses of humour for that matter.

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Steve V said...

"Don’t have the Roast Beef sandwich from Air Canada’s buy on board service. Disgusting."

It's almost like an sick experiment to see what they can get hungry, trapped people to eat- I swear I can hear the crew laughing. Stick to the pretzels, no one can f$#& up pretzels.

Penny said...

I can almost taste that sandwich, BC, if "taste" can be used in this context. I don't trust the pretzels, either. Check the sell by date before opening the packet.

Steve, that's not laughing you're hearing from the crew. It's the sound of them being just as sick as you - unless they bought or brought their own food. Which you should do, too.