Friday, October 20, 2006

This blog's week will have 7 leadership free days

I know I'm not the only one suffering from leadership fatigue these days so I'm going to make a little commitment today. Beginning today, this blog is going leadership-free for the next seven days.

That's right, no dizziness-inducing spin on why Dion is the second coming, no (I thought) clever, subtle shots at Ignatieff, cheap shots at Rae or sage analysis on Kennedy and Quebec.

Instead, it will be all posts on why the Conservatives suck so badly, and maybe a comment or two on why the Canucks can't score a goal this year. I reserve the right to break my leadership fast if something astounding happens though, like Rae and Ignatieff are unveiled as alien replicons from beyond the stars.

So, no leadership-related posts from this end until next Friday, Oct. 27. Let the leadership-free week begin!

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petroom said...

Why can't the Canucks score a goal?

A: Cuz they're not "Mike Pearson Liberals" like Ignatieff.

MIssissaugaPeter said...

Doubt it.

Official delegate results should be out today.

Quebec debate this weekend.

Good luck.