Thursday, October 05, 2006

Your morning snark

The new Michael Ignatieff campaign slogan was unveiled in the blogsphere this morning:

In Montreal, hold your nose and vote for Iggy!

I hear they're having bumper stickers made up. Makes you feel all warm, fuzzy and inspired, doesn't it? :)

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Anonymous said...

Selective reading/quoting? Don't forget what was said about Dion, eh. Not very good.

Cerberus said...

Hat tip for your daily snark, Jeff.

Just to be clear though, I linked to the Star article because of what he says about the Old Boys candidate.

I've gotten a bit tired hearing the cant that Ignatieff is the frontman for the old guard/the old boys network/the establishment... choose your conspiracy theory. Certainly there is a lot of the core of the party that support him, but if it was a ploy for power by the old guard, then you would think that they'd have the campaign run by people who had run national campaigns before, like Rae has done or Dion has done (not that putting Marissen in charge of your national campaign means Dion is part of the Old Boys Club, which I don't think he is, just pointing out by counter-example that the theory on Ignatieff doesn't really wash). But the campaign I know is full of young energetic Liberals who have not been a part of the party machine before. Like Ian Davey who was part of but not in charge of the Manley campaign. Or Tom Allison who worked, I believe, on Dwight Duncan's campaign but not a national campaign before. or Brad Davis, in charge of policy, who has never been a part of a leadership or election campaign team before.

Still, a fair snark across the bow.


Anonymous said...


I'm just wondering, but I think the term "campaign-veteran" applies to Senator Smith, the man in charge of Ignatieff's campaign. I think the same goes for Denis Coderre in Quebec. And so on, and so on.

It's not like that list of twenty-somethings who you keep pointing to are really the ones running the show - despite what you want us to believe.

burlivespipe said...

yep, you can't try and own all this 'trudeau' imagery without some of the hardware that holds it up...
Wonder who we'd be comparing Iggy to if our man Trudeau had thrown his support behind the Vietnam War oh so 40 years or more ago?
Do you think Prime Minister Winters would have said 'Just watch me!?"

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff has all sorts of lovely new people supporting him. You know the types ... they had to be shown where the washroom was at Liberal Party headquarters:

Senator David Smith
Former Ontario Liberal Premier David Peterson
Former Ontario Liberal Leader Lynn Macleod

What new blood!!

And to have that pompous arrogant David Peterson on his side will no doubt provide Ignatieff with endless coaching like, "why you should call an election three years into your mandate" Good stuff.

You can tell that Ignatieff is all but alien to the traditional powers that be of the Liberal Party when he raised almost half a million dollars from them.

It was also nice to see that Ignatieff had fundraisers at nice prole hangout joints like the National Club on Bay Street and its nice to see that all sorts of laywers from big ass law firms have signed up to help lick envelopes on his campaign!!

Way to go Michael Ignatieff!!

Maybe they should consider these slogans.

Ignatieff: Man of the People
Ignatieff: The man with a plan
Ignatieff: He just had a maple glazed and he loves it!!
Igntieff: He just got his health cared!
Ignatieff: Gone for 30 years but he's back, better than ever!
Ignatieff: A tourist in the land of his birth

Aristo said...

Jeff, you are better then that

TDH Strategies said...


There is nothing wrong with admitting that your candidate isn't perfect. It is the fact that I and thousands of others can agree to disagree with him on certain points, and yet still feel inspired to support him in the leadership, that makes him such an intriguing candidate.

Not that you're guilty of it, but we have seen how candidates that are portrayed as perfect can end up performing in the end.

Anonymous said...

Like Ian Davey who was part of but not in charge of the Manley campaign

Manley, you say?

Uh uh! Not good!

Cerberus said...

I'm not denying that the advice and work that Senator Smith and David Peterson haven't been very important and helpful. Lyn McLeod, who only came on board two weeks ago, maybe not as much.

But they aren't running the campaign. It's as simple as that. The day to day, week to week slogging it out of the campaign is not being run by them. Bob Rae has Chretien veteran mastermind John Rae running his campaign. Stephane Dion has veteran Mark Marissen running his campaign. Ignatieff has Ian Davey who hasn't run a campaign before.

I'm not saying there are a lot of the core of the party supporting, advising and organizing for Michael Ignatieff. People like Denis Coderre are a good example: after considering a run himself and long after the Ignatieff team had been put together, he came on board. I'm just saying that there are a lot of people who make up the "establishment" and they are clearly spread around to many campaigns, most especially Rae. The "establishment" didn't look around and say, ok now, who do we want as leader, how about Ignatieff?

That is just the spin that a lot of people disappointed with the weekend's results are trying to put out there instead of taking Ignatieff on on his policies.

(BTW, for the record, I was being sincere when I said that this post was a fair and balanced snark. So folks, don't go after Jeff for making a fairly mild point about Ignatieff.)

Anonymous said...

I say hold your nose when you read these testy, not terribly well informed, narrow minded bloggers try to trash candidates.

Hold your nose tight.

Anonymous said...

Cerberus, where is your proof that John Rae is running Bob Rae's campaign?

So cerberus decides who are the right Liberals and who are the wrong Liberals?

I see in your writings the same "this is owed to us" attitude that Paul Martin and his sycophants polluted the Liberal Party with from the moment Jean Chretien was elected.

Your man Iggy hasn't won a goddam thing and already you're talking about who's in and who's out.

Whether you like it or not, Ignatieff is viewed suspiciously by at last count 70% of the party. Don't think your boy's victory will not be met with wild stampedes out of the Liberal Party by many in that 70%

A torture apologist;
Supported war in Iraq;
Fan of space based ballistic missile defence;
Proposing a 10 cent a litre gas tax;
Declaring Quebec a Nation;
Hasn't lived in the country for 30 years;
And has had ZERO executive experience.

This is our next leader???

I hope we like Opposition

A BCer in Toronto said...

Come on folks, I'm sure Michael has a sense of humour. At the very least, I know he won't be losing any sleep over it...

Opps, I did it again!

And now a Britney Spears reference too. My god!. I mean, oh crap. Darn. That's one step too far.

I'd like to apologize to Michael Ignatieff, to Christina Aguilera, and to the fine residents of Shelbyville.

Anyway, in all seriousness, indeed, yes, pobody's nerfect, and we should ackowledge our faults. For example, sometimes my biting sarcasm doesn't translate well into print. Or in person. So said that guy that punched me in the face last week.

I just found the "hold your nose" imagery too delightful to pass up. If I had any artistic skills, I'd rework one of those Warholian campaign ads... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying that there are a lot of people who make up the "establishment" and they are clearly spread around to many campaigns, most especially Rae. - my emphasis.


How many are willing to bet that Rae's vote will eventually go to Ignatieff? Remember that comment taken up and publicized by some blogs: "What you all have to do now is to decide not who has the best ideas, necessarily. It is who is the most capable of bringing this team together." You cannot say that he has not warned his troops, can you?

Strategically, it makes a lot of sense. Ignatieff's camp would then have both the "Right" AND the supposedly "Left" momentum going for it!

Could it be that's why Rae appears uncomfortable in debates & interviews as some blogs have pointed out? Does he know (or think) that the dice have been cast already?

Just asking.

Cerberus said...


Please. I'm not suggesting who should be in or out of the party. Where do you even get that? Some people claim that Ignatieff is somehow an "Old Boys Club/Party Establishment" candidate despite the facts and I've tried to put out some facts to dispel that myth. Why do you go immediately into attacking me? That is the kind of tactic that screwed us up. Liberals attacking Liberals.

Oh, and John Rae. Maybe you're right. I have no idea what would make me think that John Rae was any kind of architect of his brother's campaign or has anything to with the Bob Rae campaign in fact.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck man here we go again with the let's all get along for the team bullshit.

Why should I hop along the Iggy bandwagon knowing that he is supremely unqualified to be the Liberal leader and next Leader of the Official Opposition.

Why would I want to support a leader who hasn't lived in Canada for 30 years and missed out a huge episodes in our national history, The Referenda, Free Trade etc.

Why do I want to support a man who has written for his support of torture -- light or otherwise -- and war in Iraq?

Why would I -- a Trudeau Liberal -- support a person who has proposed a half-baked theory to recognize Quebec as a nation in the constitution?

Because we are all Liberals? Ask yourself brother who the real Liberal is:

Me and others like me who have worked in the party, gone door to door , lived the highs and lows of Canadian politics and understand our party's history OR Ignatieff who just returned to Canada and now wants to lead not just the team but the country.

There have been a stupendously great number of opportunities for Iggy to return to his homeland and help build a nation. He chose otherwise. His choice I don't really care. BUT for him to waltz in here and lecture is about the spine of citizenship and bullshit concepts like that ... well that is too much.

As for John Rae. Imagine a man helping out his brother to be prime ministers?! Wow. This is big.

As Valpy shows us Ignatieff may have also been the beneficiary of John Rae like fidelity had Michael not been such a massive a-hole to his younger brother.

The entire Iggy ego project leaves me wanting to rip up my Liberal membership card.

Anonymous said...

has Dion stopped campaigning? aside from one or two forums he seems invisible. I read that he even missed a critical climate change vote in the commons. Is there any indication of who he might endorse?

Jason Bo Green said...

Ignatieff: He just had a maple glazed and he loves it!!

Okay - THAT'S funny. That one made me laugh.

I don't think Michael Ignatieff will beat Harper, however.... I feel strongly that people should vote for the candidate they like best, win or lose. People should not select on "electability" but ideas, and if they think Ignatieff is it, then that's who they should go for.

Manitoba Liberal said...

Electing Iggy as leader is a gurantee of another convention a year and half down the line after Harper and Layton kick the knees out from under him and bring us to level of support that would make us long for the days of John Turner.

Iggy is in this race to be Prime Minister and use his big and beutiful mind to provide Canadians with an undergrad lecture about important civic issues. As soon as he loses to Harper and is looking at 4-5 years as opposition leader and the tough work of rebuilding a party in a country he has not lived in for 30 years, I think he will be back to Oxford or Harvard with his tail between his legs.

Kennedy and Dion are in this to win or lose, not just to be Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Harper and his gang of immature nincompoops attack Ignatieff daily and some times Rae.

I don't hear anything about other candidates in QP.

Ignatieff is referred to as the "academic" and Rae the "Recession Premier of Ontario"

The neo-cons know all too well that if Dion or any other former candidate wins the leadership they can keep on with "your government for the last 13 years" routine.

They can't throw this crap at a "not involved in the scandals" candidate.