Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let's go Li-ons!!

Quite a first half for my British Columbia Lions. Montreal is lucky to still be in this thing and only be down 19-3 as they've just been completely dominated on offense and defense.

If the Lions had just had a little more luck in the red zone their lead could easily have been insurmountable. Paul McCallum has been on the money though, Saskatchewan fans have to be a little sad right now, watching this one from home.

What's with the Lions using three quarterbacks in the first half? Haven't seen that before. Anyway, it seems to be working, that Wally Buono is a cagey one.

Look for Montreal to come out strong in the second half though, they're a veteran team and this is still anybody's game. Just being down by 16 has to be a boost for them, they'll come out hungry.

Now it's Victoria's own Nelly Furtado in the half-time show. Looks chilly, little chance of wardrobe malfunctions today it seems. What's with this song though? Just play the like a bird one already and let's get back to football, please?

Update: End of the third quarter and it's 19-12 for BC, the Lions are really back on their heels. Maybe they're pissed off there was no Like a Bird too? As predicted, Montreal has come out with some fire and made this thing a football game again. The Lions need to smarten up a bit and get their heads back into the game. Does Dave Dickenson ever want this thing or what though? The veteran had his wheaties this morning, he's hungry.

Update two: Montreal first and goal, two consecutive stops by the BC defence AND a fumble recovery? Even if the fumble recovery is questionable, how freakin huge is that!! It's 25-12 BC, 3 minutes left. Go Lions Go!

Update three: Yeah baby!! Your final score BC 25, Montreal 14, and the British Columbia Lions are your 2006 Grey Cup Champions! Now, if my Canucks can only smarten-up all will be well in the sporting word...

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Penny said...

I always worry when the armchairs on CBC just give the game to the frontrunner without any credit to the opposing team... It's bad karma, that's what it is. It's also just plain dumb IMHO.

Anyway, thank goodness for Paul McCallum - could he be the next Loooo-ie? Yee-HAW!!! Who cares about Davey and the other QBs!!

A BCer in Toronto said...

As a young lad I went to the 94 Grey Cup in Vancouver with my dad, BC vs. Baltimore. I remember watching Lui lining-up to kick a field goal and 59k fans in BC Place start to chant Looooooouuuuu!

"Dad, why are they booing? It's Lui-freakin-Passaglia."

"No, they're not saying booo. They're saying Loooouuuu."

"Ah. That makes more sense."

Penny said...

One of the things I love about the Grey Cup is seeing how thrilled all all those American Southerners are when they win!!!

A good game - not very high scoring (Was it in 1988 in Toronto that the Green Riders won something like 43-40 in the last 30 seconds?) but the Als were still in it late in the game. Much as I wanted BC to win, I wouldn't have enjoyed a blow-out quite as much as having a bit of an excuse to tackle my hangnails.

Think I'll go get myself a glass of tapwater and celebrate!!!

Sheena said...

They broke The Grey Cup?

Zac said...

Awesome game. Congrats to the Lions for doing my birth city proud...again.

The Canucks will come around some day.

Olaf said...

Now, if my Canucks can only smarten-up all will be well in the sporting word...

What an if that is... no offense but they look like crap lately Jeff, where as my boys in Red can't be beaten.

Penny said...

Did the Canucks do the right thing, firing Marc Crawford and letting Jovo and whoever else go? I guess it was high time for Todd to get out of town, but it seems to me we may have paid too high a price for Luongo.

I was shocked to hear some armchairs claiming the problem with the Canucks is - they aren't fast enough!! Like, what??? When/why/how did that happen?

Anyway, I am savouring the moment, since it doesn't look as if we're going to have much more to celebrate this winter.

A BCer in Toronto said...

The Flames were lucky to win that game against the Canucks last weekend, the Canucks outplayed them badly.

And take heart, Penny, all is not that bad in Canuckland. They've been playing well, they just haven't been able to finish. They're struggling, yes, but it's fixable. The Sedins/Naslund line in particular has been on fire.

Bert had to go, there's no doubt about that. We couldn't afford Jovo, it was economics. We miss his scoring, but Willie Mitchell is a solid D-man and deffence hasn't been our problem. Neither has goal, Roberto has played well. Everyone lets in a bad one now and again but he needs support; he's always given us a chance to win.

We need scoring, and as I said we've been getting chances. They'll start going in soon.

Penny said...

Well one consolation, Jeff, is that in the last few years, the Canucks have taken off like rockets in the fall, only to fizzle badly after the All-star break. So maybe, one hopes, they are taking time to gel as a new team and not peak so soon...?

I can't figure out why the scoring is down, though, unless the coach has something to do with it. But if he's concentrating on defence, then...

But, I always hated those post game phone-in shows, where the Canucks would be, say 7-1 and the listeners were already wondering "What's wrong with the Canucks"!!! Errrgh....

As for yesterday's triumph, one of today's armchairs claimed it's a crummy game any time there were 6 field goals. 'Course, to me, any game we win is a good one, but what do real football fans think?

Someone asked how come Dave D. got the MVP instead of Paul McCallum... Any thoughts?

A BCer in Toronto said...

Scoring is down because they lost Jovo, they lost Bert, they lost Cater, and a few others. Last year we had two big scoring lines, the Nazy/Bert/Moro line and the Sedins/Carter. Now Nazzy is with the Sedins and they're playing great, if unluckily, but we're left with one line. Kessler and others are starting to pick it up, but it will take time.We're just not the team we were though, it's a different team.

As for the cup, Paul deserved the mvp but I can't knock Dave. He was hungry. He wanted that cup, he played with intensity and fire.