Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Help Stanley Park and buy a tree

You may have heard something about the wind storms that have been lashing British Columbia recently. They've been pretty bad. And particularly hard hit has been Stanley Park, one of the jewels of Vancouver (some pictures here).

I used to live in Vanouver at Robson and Cardero, not far from Stanley Park, and I used to love riding my bike along the seawall any chance I'd get. And stopping at a park bench by the Lion's Gate bridge, sitting back, smelling the salt air and just taking in how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful, amazing city.

I watched aerial footage of the damage last night and it's just devastating. They say the park lost more than 1000 trees after it was battered by near hurricane force winds, including a 200-year-old Hemlock. Clean-up will take months, if not longer, and even then the park won't be the same.

The Vancouver Parks board, with the help of media like CKNW, is launching a campaign to raise donations to help replace the lost trees in Stanley Park. Every bit helps, but donations over $50 are tax receiptable. More information available here if you can help.

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