Monday, December 18, 2006

I guess some promises count more than others

I wonder how Mr. Harper decides which promises we’re supposed to hold him to and which we’re supposed to give him a pass for ignoring because, hey, that was like a year ago. I’m interested in the question from a purely academic point of view. I’m genuinely curious.

For example, Globe blogger Dan Cook raises a very good question today about Harper promises:

Over at PM Steve's website, he's trumpeting the fact that he followed through on an opposition motion from 2004. That's nice. Now, how about this campaign promise from September 20, 2005: "A Conservative government led by Stephen Harper will remove the GST on all the federal taxes the Liberals collect on each litre of gas bought." Don't hold your breath; It's been conveniently deleted from the Conservative website, but the archived copy is available here.

P.S. How about them excising the promise from their Web site? Winston would be proud.

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Devin said...


Don't forget that they have dropped guaranteed wait times from their five priorities.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Yes, one of their many broken promises. It was one of the recent days of Christmas actually. Although, to be fair they say they're just waiting on wait times, ironically enough.