Saturday, December 09, 2006

Memories on E-Bay

What price can you put on memories? Well, that depends, but so far they’re looking pretty cheap. Weren’t in Montreal? Not to worry, just swing by E-Bay.

Unsurprisingly, Dion swag seems to be the priciest, although only by comparison. There’s been five bids so far on this funky green Dion hat (I know I plan to wear mine everywhere so I’m not giving it up), with the bidding currently at $28.76.

And seven bids have been placed on this red Dion pin, with the top bid currently at $5.50. No bids yet on this green Dion tee, with the floor at $19.54.

It’s not just Dion swag being auctioned off either.

Need an Iggy nation shirt? The bidding starts at $10.34.

The fellow selling this Bob Rae pin that targets the womens vote has started the bidding at $32.19, a price a little too rich to attract any bids so far.

The bidding on these two Joe Volpe signs starts at $5.74. Or it would, no one has placed a bid yet. The seller tells us though that they are “very collectible.”

So, looks like no one is getting rich auctioning off their Montreal memories.

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Steve V said...

I heard the look on Rae's face when he heard Kennedy went to Dion is up to $23.40 :)

Lolly said...

I have a box of over 3,500 (I lost count) political buttons that date back to the late 1970's. They had covered one wall in my home office whilst we lived in Vancouver Quadra. Unfortunately they have been stored in the attic of my waterfront home which probably has created some rust.The bulk of them were pinned onto a quilt and all I did was fold it up. If anyone wants to add them to their collection I'll let them go for $Loonie each and then give it all to the Liberal Party.
No one interested, I guess they'll just have to stay in the attic.