Monday, January 15, 2007

The Boy Who Cried Boondoggle

Overall, while I'd much rather be in government I have to say blogging in support of an opposition party is fun. (Queue Conservative that's good, get used to it comments). As fun as it can be to challenge and oppose though, it's important that you pick your battles. Oppose every little thing and call it the apocalypse and you'll lose credibility, and look pretty dumb.

Unfortunately, Ontario Progressive Conservative (THEY're still Progressive, right?) Tim Hudak doesn't seem to have gotten that message.

It seems Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty is leading a trade mission to India, and while there he stopped to check out the Taj Mahal. This sent Hudak, John Tory's finance critic, into a fit of righteous indignation:

Conservative finance critic Tim Hudak issued a press release on Friday in which he called the mission "a taxpayer-funded boondoggle" and said "Dalton McGuinty is sightseeing in India but is blind to what is taking place in Ontario's economy."

Noting that the Ontario economy actually shrank in the third quarter of 2006, Hudak added: "This McGuinty government is (missing in action) and completely abdicating its responsibility . ... Are they looking for inspiration from the beautiful sites overseas to help develop a plan to reverse the manufacturing job losses here at home?"

Is he serious with this? McGuinty flew all the way to freakin' India to lead a trade mission, and while there he checked-out the Taj Mahal. So what? Wouldn't you stop by the Taj Mahal if you were in India on a business trip, maybe pick up a t-shirt for the kiddies, or a pewter Taj Mahal paperweight? I mean, doesn't the guy get a coffee break, or evenings off?

I'm sure Mr. Hudak could find legitimate grounds to criticize the McGuinty government's economic policy. Then again, maybe not, if he's issuing press releases on stupid crap like this. But crying boondoggle because a guy took an hour off to sight-see makes you look like an idiot. Grow up Tim, and heed the sage lesson of The Boy Who Cried Boondoggle.

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Jay said...

I consider it respect by a leader to at least check out the cultural institutions while on visit. It helps to understand the country you are dealing with and shows interest in the country. I think it would be rude to fly in, talk to them and fly out. What impression would that leave? Only interest in money and thats it. This is necessary to developing a relationship and mutual understanding.

Its not like he's writing a report that won't be seen by anyone but himself (Khan).

Its a cheap, and pitiful attempt to smear a liberal is all.

/dev/null said...

OT but speaking of Kahn, did you see his riding association is in a bit of hot water?

One could suggest that this puts a few quotes from last week in a slightly different light. Like this:

As they worked together, the Prime Minister said, "both of us began to realize that politically, we have a lot in common."

or this:

Khan said his former Liberal party was at odds with his values. "Quite frankly, the Liberal party has moved away from people like me..."

Thank goodness.