Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let’s go consultin’

It’s the so-called environment, stupid, as nearly everyone now seems to be agreeing. And we’re hearing this morning about the latest so-called action by the Steve Harper Conservatives on the green front:

The Prime Minister's senior aides, including legislative assistant Bruce Carson and policy director Mark Cameron, are seeking advice from environmentalists on how to beef up the government's record heading in to a key winter session.

After being shut out in the past, environmentalists are reluctant to discuss the meetings. But sources confirmed the Prime Minister's Office is quietly opening the lines of communication with its harshest critics.

Sounds like a fabulous idea. But, wait a minute, what person seems to be missing from that consultative line-up?

If you answered the Minister of the Environment (whomever that may be next week) you are absolutely correct.

Glad to see Mr. Harper is finally following-through on the whole cutting red tape, more efficient government thing though. Just cut out the pesky do-nothing Minister and deal straight with the PMO staffers that make the decisions, that’s the way to do it. The Minister can be filled in later and issued their talking points.

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Olaf said...


Can we drop this "so-called" stuff? It was a slip of the tongue, he's publicly recognized the existence of global warming and greenhouse gases.

The "so-called" shtick is getting a bit old, methinks. Kind of like the Liebrano/Fiberal line.

HearHere said...

Carbon dioxide and water vapour - these were given the term greenhouse gases because they contribute to retaining the earth's heat - but neither are really "gases" - therefore they are "so called" and I have seen that term used everywhere.
So, I agree, give it a break. Harper was technically right and just proves he has read a lot about this as he uses the term coined by scientists.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I'll agree to a trade, Olaf. Libloggers will drop so-called in exchange for Blogging Tories dropping Liberano$ and Fiberals. I think I can rally the 2/3s of Liblog votes necessary for ratification, let me know how you fare on your end. :)

Olaf said...


Sounds fair, but I'm not sure I can muster the obedient following of yourself (with you being the #1 male blogger of 2006 and all, as proclaimed on high by the Great Cherniak).

That being said, I'll have you note that I personally have never used either term (Liebranos/Fiberals), and I think the more responsible members of each party are obliged to make an example for our less mature co-patriots.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Don't sell yourself short Mr. #2 Conservative Blogger. I have faith in you.

burlivespipe said...

Yep, time to give Harpor a break on his 'so-called greenhouse gases' blather. Time to shift to Harpor's 'so-called accountability act'... See Jeff's post on appointments/donations! Great work, JJ.