Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Policy platform consultations starting in BC

Yesterday, Stephane Dion appointed Martha-Hall Findlay as Platform Outreach Chair. And while I suspect she'll trade in the Big Red Bus for airline tickets, she'll be setting out across Canada to consult with grassroots Liberals and the general public on the next Liberal platform.

A full list of the consultations hasn't been published yet; the party says they'll be advertised locally. But Sean over at Public Eye Online reports they'll be kicking off tomorrow in Victoria and Vancouver.

In addition to consultations with the B.C. Federal Liberal Council this weekend, Martha will meet with Vancouver Island Liberals in Victoria tomorrow, with the general public in Victoria on Friday, and with Liberals in Vancouver at SFU, with Bob Rae too, on Saturday (more details on Sean's site).

I'd heard about the consultations with the BC Federal Council a few days ago and I was disappointed that there weren't grassroots consultations happening as well. I'm glad to see that won't be the case, and that the general public will be invited to participate as well.

I'll keep an ear open for the Toronto-area events.

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Grace said...


I received the email invite to Saturday's consultations yesterday. And I'm a "grassroots" liberal.