Thursday, January 11, 2007

Politics Watch replaces distorted Chretien photo

Updating my post from this morning, on a doctored and distorted photo of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien that was run to accompany a news story on popular national political news site Politics Watch.

Here’s the photo they ran again:

I sent an e-mail this afternoon to Politics Watch asking, politely, what on Earth they were thinking about. As yet I have year to hear back from them with any kind of explanation, but refreshing the page late this afternoon I saw that the photo had been replaced with another, un-doctored pic:

No note on the site though, or explanation for that initial insulting photo. I’m glad they’ve changed the pic; I still think an explanation/apology would be in order though.

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1 comment:

knb said...

Good going. I suspect your post urged a number of us to write.

Well done.

Apology in order to be sure.