Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dion and Strombo

Apparently before being taken captive by the extremists Stephane Dion did a taping with George Stroumboulopoulos of CBC's The Hour that aired tonight. It's a good show to reach a non-traditional, younger audience...I think it's the only show my teenage sister watches that isn't on MTV or MuchMusic.

You can watch the interview here. I thought he did pretty well. Strombo pulled no punches and asked tough questions. My only note to Dion would be too much hammering the environment message. I think our Afghanistan proposal, for example, would have played well with The Hour's audience as well. Still, I think the environmental message will also hit home with that younger demographic.

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Gayle said...

I disagree that he hammered the environment issue too much because he was simply answering the questions he was asked.

Every interview I hear from this man impresses me more and more. He just sounds so sincere.

I think the crazies will jump on the "I want to be the world leader" comment and accuse him of wanting to win the election so he can rule the world.

Anonymous said...

He should probably avoid interviews for awhile,

why with his deal trading power for the safety of Canadians.

This story's starting to blow. Dion's going to look even worse than he has (if that's even possible).

Sinestra said...

I thought the interview was really good - and M. Dionès English has improved quite a bit. I especially liked the opening segment when they gave him wine, chocolate and wrapped him in a blanket, saying it was the Liberal media bias. Hilarious!