Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dion's Facebook video message

Stephane Dion posted a fun little video shout-out on his Facebook profile this morning saying hello to all his Facebook friends (1505 friends so far, and counting.)

He's sitting at his desk at his computer with his Facebook friends list on the monitor in the background, and while it's a bit fuzzy I think that may be my profile there near the top of the screen. Freaky deaky, as my sister would say. Anyway, way to reach out with the pipes and tubes and what not.

P.S. For all those talking of alleged internal Liberal troubles or rivalries lately, let me remind you that it's all good... :)

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Anonymous said...

This guy is a disaster as leader.

Orchard said...

That is you Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Iggy has more friends than Dion.

That's funny.

The liberal party is funny. Dion is funny. I like funny.