Sunday, February 18, 2007

New third-party attack ad

An election must be coming, with all these third party attack ads popping up. I think this one asks some very valid questions: are we really to believe Stephen Harper had no knowledge of the Pacific Scandal?

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Walks With Coffee said...

too funny... makes the point very well.

chuckles said...


Keep grasping.

Meanwhile lets keep talking about the bill to destroy the Canadian economy,

that just isn't a side issue,

but is Dion's central (and apparantly only) plank to his platform.

Anonymous said...

Need a break today from seriousness - take a boo at the blogger "stop harper" - now there's a good video for you.

ottlib said...


Change your name, it obviously does not apply.

chuckles said...

Did you hear about the allegation that kyoto implementation will lead to depression? Talk about outrageous!

Layoffs as a result of "corporate greed", lead to a wide variety of social ills.

Layoffs as a result of Liberal boondoggles,

leads to happy people with more spare time on their hands.

Vote Liberal. Vote for more happy unemployed people.

Anonymous said...

"Chuckles" is another way to have a laugh - reading stupidy and lack of intellect when one "thinks" they are contributing would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

Poor Chuckles - being laughed and smirked at by all those who read him/her.

Sad, sad, sad.

burlivespipe said...

Remember Chukels, an elephant never phorgets. Your lies and cheap chatter don't go with the drapes -- and you remember what happened to the original Chuckles, don't you? Crushed like a stale peanut. But funny how you never reply to the truths about your own scare-mongering hero except with made-up boogieman tales. Guess that makes you a coward.

Anonymous said...

Hillarious video.

Chuckles - lighten up dude.


player_hater said...

This is petition material. "We the under signed believe that Prime Minister Stephen Harper should make a formal apology to Canadians for the Pacific Rail Scandal".

The clip is currently down, looks like the Harpocrits are trying to block the truth.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Not a bad idea on the petition player. And the clip still seems to be working fine for me.

ktr said...

someone should investigate the RCMP's investigation of Gurmant Grewal.

When did this investigation get launched? Surely, the investigation was not occuring during the 2006 election or else the RCMP would have let us know they were investigating, right?

Second, the investigation was supposed to take a couple of months, meaning it would be completed by the summer of 2006. What happened?