Thursday, February 01, 2007

A very special Grey's Anatomy

So, like, last week on Grey's Anatomy it was amazing, Burke and Christina finally talk and he asks her to marry him and George's father dies and it's totally sad but then he asks Callie to marry him and it was a total cliffhanger until this week.

So George and Callie went to Vegas and got married and all his friends are being totally bitchy to her and Christina still hasn't said yes or anything to Burke. Then George starts to get sick and he thinks its nerves about the marriage but really it's this patient with toxic blood and everyone gets totally sick.

Then Michael Ignatieff starts to totally dis Stephane Dion about something and he says that we like didn't get it done and it's so mean and Stephane looks totally sad and then he gets mad and is like hey man, it's like not easy ok?

And Meredeth's mom is in the hospital and the Alzheimer's like went away or something but she doesn't remember anything and her and Meredeth have a big fight and it's so sad but you know she totally loves Mer it's just hard for her to say it. Then this girl comes into the free clinic and she thinks she might be pregnant so Dr. Bailey sets her straight cause her mom died and its hard.

And then Iggy is ragging on Stephane again and now Ken Dryden is joining in and they're saying like Stephane isn't a leader or something, and that is so totally untrue cause he's like a major leader and everybody knows it too.

Then everybody teams up to save the patient with the toxic blood and Merideth tries to make up with her Mom but it's too late she's forgotten everything again and it's so sad.

I hope Meredeth and Stephane can work it out because I think they're such a cute couple. Oh, and Christina said yes to Ken Dryden. Or something like that.

And that was tonight's Grey's Anatomy.

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knb said...

Well done!

I love Grey's Anatomy...I think you short changed that a bit.

The political stuff, not so much, ;).

Olaf said...


That really does sound like a very special Grey's Anatomy. I like how they indisciminately toss in current events (and Canadian current events, no less).

Canadian Tar Heel said...

Ha. That's pretty much how it felt watching it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Susan Delacourt of the Star set out some things Ablonczy and others said in the past about Harper - it happens when there is a leadership race and means beans as far as I am concerned.

Jason Hickman said...

Good to see Project Saturation is in full effect.

Just wait till the SuperBowl:

... and Payton Manning drops back in the pocket ... He wants to pass ... Dion is downfield, but completely covered by Ignatieff ... Manning rolling to the right and OH MY GOD, Ken Dryden completely levels Peyton Manning! Call in the stretcher, folks ...

A BCer in Toronto said...

I love Grey's Anatomy...I think you short changed that a bit.

The political stuff, not so much

Maybe I'll forget the political blogging and stick to television recaps from now on... :)

canuckistanian said...

your writing like totally, like, sounds like Ex-NDIP. although, like totally less angry, like. oh, you forgot to mention that adison and mcsteamy were back steamin' it up ;-).

Crabgrass said...


Thanks for the chuckle, BC'er.