Sunday, April 01, 2007

Breaking: Emerson re-crossing the floor

I've been working this story for a week and I'm now finally able to break it: former Liberal and current Conservative cabinet minister David Emerson is (re) crossing the floor.

There have been rumblings of Emerson's discontent with Steve Harper and the Conservative government, culminating in a reported meeting meeting recently between Emerson and a senior advisor to Stephane Dion, where Emerson reportedly expressed his desire to return to the Liberal fold.

With his overtures soundly rebuffed however, Emerson is not returning to the Liberal fold.

After intense negotiations, I have learned that NDP leader Jack Layton has called a press conference for Apr. 1st in the National Press Theatre in Ottawa, where he will introduce David Emerson as the newest member of the NDP caucus, and the NDP candidate for Vancouver-Kingsway in the next federal election.

Sources close to Emerson tell me David feels the NDP offers him the best shot at re-election in his riding. Also, with the strong showing of the ADQ in Quebec, Emerson feels the NDP is ripe for an electoral breakthrough and he's sure to reclaim his deserved cabinet car and driver.

If this story is subsequently reported on television, radio, in a newspaper, or on an MSM website, please give proper citation to this blog.

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Cliff said...

Yeah, what is today's date again?

janfromthebruce said...

well Dave has finally come back to his working class roots and that of the neighbourhoods he represent. That said, I am sure Jack will want to put him through some retraining program so he gets his head away from thinking about all that 'corporate welfare' and thinking about people welfare.
I heard his first lesson is learning all the words to 'solidarity forever' and not just hum along.

Saskboy said...

It seems the Blog Dump virus is affecting the NDP then.

janfromthebruce said...

whoops, it's the blog dump napster. Oopsy-daisy, there I go again, ass up!