Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bring on the Ducks!

As mentioned earlier I'm down in Atlanta right now at a conference, but even in the Southern U.S. I still think I heard a large thump last night as Canucks fans scrambled back on the bandwagon. From doom and gloom to Stanley Cup here we come!

I was lucky enough to find the game on Versus in my hotel room last night. Figured I'd be out of luck. But after I filed an exciting story on Sobey's use of SAP software I flipped on the tv and there it was, early second period.

Looks like they finally found the Sedin twins, and about time too. Also a great game from Trevor Linden, who will always be Captain Canuck to me. And what can you say about Bobby-Lou? But Markus Naslund, has anyone seen him? I thought maybe he was hurt or something, but then he took a penalty. Someone needs to give him a kick in the ass. And Alain Vigneault may be just the guy to do it; his rant after game six was perfect.

So, now it's the Ducks. Bring them on!

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Crabgrass said...

Go Canucks! The Ducks will be tough (I still hate their name).

I haven't been following the Canucks all that closely for a while now (um, go Leafs...), but it's great to see Linden in Vancouver. It wasn't right for him to wear other colours.

Gayle said...

I picked the Ducks in my pool, but I hate them, so Go Canucks!

I seem to recall a number of Canucks fans cheering for the Might Oil last year. This year I have already seen a number of Canucks flags on cars in Edmonton.

Stephen said...

Go Canucks, but they're going to be in tough against Anaheim. Naslunds going to have to get going for them to win. Here's hoping they can do it.