Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brian Mulroney is a big man

Yeah Brian, it takes big guts to crap all over a guy that's dead and can't defend himself, doesn’t it? You're a real big man, Brian.

Jealous perhaps at the respect Pierre Trudeau continues to command, or the fact he scuttled your misguided attempt at constitutional reform, while you continue to be one of the most hated former Prime Ministers in Canadian history? Get over it buddy. Anything to sell books, right?

I'm not going to break-out my weejee board again to contact PET for a rebutal as I need to get off to work, but I suspect his retort would be along the lines of: "Fuddle duddle!"

One of the things they teach us in media law class is that you can’t libel the dead. (John A. MacDonald was a lousy drunk). Karma's a bitch Brian.

*If it makes you feel any better Brian, I think you’ve beaten Pierre in the “Who has the most annoying son” competition, so, hey, that’s something to be proud of. I guess.

UPDATE: A visual reminder of why PET kicked so much ass:

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Mark Francis said...

Indeed. Libel law doesn't apply to the dead.

When Mulroney dies, they'll be some interesting tell-alls.

Bailey said...

Maybe Mulroney is upset that Trudeau wouldn't lend him $300k like his good friend Karl did upon stepping down as PM. That must be why Trudeau wasn't morally fit to run the country.

A View From The Left said...

Bring back the weejee board :P

Jason Hickman said...

As unseemly as Mulroney's comments may be, the successors to the Mulroney government - particularly Chretien - have kept a hell of a lot of the policies introduced by the '84-'93 PC's in place: Free Trade, NAFTA, the GST.

Without meaning disrespect for the dead, and notwithstanding PET's undoubted panache, I can't help noticing that the Chretien-Martin Libs didn't break their necks to bring back some of the more infamous policies of the Trudeau era.

Ti-Guy said...

Times change, Jason. When every economist is exuberantly supporting free trade and every political scientist is wailing about "debt walls," and Canada on the verge of going third world the Liberals responded to the prevailing Zeitgeist (which is what Liberals do). Almost two decades later, we're getting mixed reviews on free trade and all of a sudden, hardly anyone's taking about debt anymore.

Gayle said...

Great interview. Hard to believe there was a time when the liberals were calling the media "bleeding hearts" - isn't it the other way around now?