Friday, November 23, 2007

The House Comedy of un-Canadian Activities

My name is Jeff, and I’m a proud Canadian. While I don’t drink beer, I do like hockey and maple syrup, as well as making endless small talk about the weather. I also believe a couch is a chesterfield, and what not.

I’m a strong supporter of Canada’s Armed Forces, having grown-up an Air Force brat at bases across Canada and in Europe, and spent my teen years as an Air Cadet. I support the troops.

I’ve always considered myself a proud Canadian. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that, according to my government, I’m not a Canadian at all. Or, at least not a real Canadian, because I’m also a Liberal. I believe in universal Medicare. I believe in a social safety net. I believe in helping those in need, and I believe we have a societal obligation to one another.

And I also think allegations juveniles transferred to Afghan authorities may be abused and the process might be against human rights treaties should, at least, be examined.

Mr. MacKay replied: "What is immensely clear is that the bombast and the blast coming from the member for Bourassa does nothing to demonstrate that his party or that member support the troops.

"These scurrilous allegations that somehow Canadian soldiers are complicit in war crimes is beyond contempt. It is reprehensible. It is un-Canadian for that member to make those kind of allegations in this place."

First of all, jackass, no one is accusing Canadian soldiers of anything, and it is completely chickenshit for you to hide your privileged frat boy ass behind our soldiers while ducking the real issue. Indeed, we owe it to our soldiers to ensure any juveniles they transfer to Afghan authorities are treated in accordance with Afghan law. We should explore these allegations and clear this up TO PROTECT OUR SOLDIERS Peter. That’s your job, Mr. Defence Minister! You know, actually supporting the troops, not just mouthing the words as a political prop.

Instead of doing his job though, Peter would rather lob insults straight out of the U.S. Republican smear handbook, and question the patriotism of those that dare to disagree with him.

This isn’t a new tactic for the Conservatives though. Indeed, the Conservatives have already made it abundantly clear that, as far as Canada’s New Government is concerned, in Steve Harper’s True North Strong and Free, only Conservatives are ‘Real Canadians.”

Said Peter Van Loan a little while back:
"Let me tell you what a real Canadian is. A real Canadian is somebody that stands-up for middle class taxpayers, helps working families with lower taxes, stands behind our troops when they're off in Afghanistan, and who does what he said he would do. That's what real Canadians are, and those are Conservatives."

The Conservatives are heading down a very dangerous, scary road. I don’t need blowhards like Peter McKay or Peter Van Loan to tell me what a real Canadian is, to tell me I’m un-Canadian, or to question my patriotism or my love for my country. How do they think Canadian will react to such tactics, particularly given the fact a majority of the population disagree with their policies?

Accusing people of un-Canadian activities? Is that really the road Harper wants to go down? Because that sort of thing has worked out so well in the past, hasn’t it?

What has made Canada a great country, in my view, has been our tolerance of diversity and difference of opinion. We’ve been a country that resists easy definition or categorization.

But accusing someone of un-Canadian activity, or not being a real Canadian? Why that’s practically…un-Canadian.

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Gayle said...

Well said.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Great post, Jeff.

RuralSandi said...


It feels like a Joe McCarthy era happening in Canada.

Gee, if I'm un-Canadian because I'm not a Conservative - does this mean I can get away without paying taxes. My husband may be considered un-Canadian because he likes footbal too and would prefer a beer over coffee and Timbits.

Peter MacKay was born in Scotland -I was born here and my family goes back to the earliest settlers here and my grandfather was in WWI in France, my Dad in WWII - but I don't support the current mission the way it's going - so, I'm un-Canadian.

900ft Jesus said...

good post. Fletcher gave that same stupid insulting ditty a month or so before Van (The Mouth) Loan. I guess the CONs were going to use it as a regular thing, but don't often pull out the whole spiel. Too many words to remember, maybe. (Too many to listen to as well.)

Weird the way they keep appealing to that very narrow base, the ones they wouldn't lose if they ran Yogi Bear as leader, while alienating the soft vote through tactless insults. I sure hope they keep it up.

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Hi Sandi, Still not fact checking are you.

Born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, he was raised in the small rural Nova Scotia community of Lorne on a family farm originally settled by his great, great grandfather and is still occupied by his father,

BCer, Well loath to enter into this entire debate in the interest of fairness, may I remind you of this quote, Liberal Values are Canadians Values.

Jeff said...

I have heard that quote Kingston, though I'm having a hard time finding the original source. Cons seem to attribute it to Paul Martin, every google hit seems to be to Conservative bloggers saying how bad it is to say such a thing.

Anyway, setting aside for the moment whether or not equating Liberal values with Canadian values and saying only Conservatives are good Canadians is the same thing, I'm surprised frankly the Conservatives would want to emulate Paul Martin as their political mentor. I wish them luck with that though, as it certaintly worked out well for Paul.