Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What's the deal with Pat Martin?

I blogged the other day on the changing positions of the NDP’s Pat Martin on the accountability act, but reading an account of his behaviour in the HoC ethics committee yesterday one has to wonder if he’s taken to hanging-out with Pierre Poilievre or something. This is just bizzare:

However, Mr. Szabo's effort to ensure the committee acts within its mandate dissolved into a confrontation with New Democratic Party MP Pat Martin, who pitched his pencil over a committee table and stormed over to Mr. Szabo to accuse him of stalling his efforts to get an ethics committee inquiry off the ground.

"You're a disgrace," Mr. Martin told Mr. Szabo, who remained seated in his chair. "That's it. You're done."

Sticks (and pencils) and stones, Pat. At least he didn’t ask him if he had the gonads to chair this meeting, or challenge him to a duel or something. Yeah, he's a disgrace Pat, and you're a credit to your party. Really classy.

P.S. CBC compiled this entertaining list of parliamentary insults awhile back, enjoy.

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RuralSandi said...

I think it is blatantly obvious that this was a "set up" strategy by the NDP - otherwise Pat Martin should be ousted from the Committee.

They want the Liberals to look bad - simple as that.

Szabo knew (an hinted in an interview) that Schreiber and his lawyers were in a meeting (and they were in an all day meeting) and now Schreiber will be able to testify.

Martin acted in haste and looks like a fool - he should stick to puppets now that he's done a puppet show and is a Harper puppet.

Mike said...

You know I don't like Pat Martin either, but its funny - that puppet show press conference debacle was to warn of the lowering of standards to let in more Chinese toys could result in kids getting lead paint and other nastiness on their Christmas gifts.

Every thought he was crazy (and maybe he is). Turns out he was absolutely right, given the toy recalls and scandals of the last 6 months.

So as much as I think he's a goof, I won't discount him.