Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Who is writing the headlines at MSN Canada?

Logging-into my Hotmail this morning I was greeted by this headline:

Weird headline, I thought. Surely it can’t mean what I think. Perhaps it relates to financial support for U.S. fossil excavation efforts on behalf of Iraqi universities as part of some kind of hearts and minds program...

However, the link went this story:

Paris Hilton made the most of Hallow-week, reportedly purchasing 14 costumes. The provocative ensembles had themes like sailor, Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell, all with a certain je ne sais "XXX." But for the party the heiress was hosting at Lax in Las Vegas, titled "A Very Sexy Halloween," she wanted to make a political statement. Dressed in a strapless, camo dress that barely covered her bottom, stockings held up by a garter belt, high heels and a jaunty camo hat, Paris said her costume was in support of "the troops."

"I know that they're having a hard time right now and can't really be celebrating Halloween, so, a little shout out to them," she told a Raw Vegas reporter, a blonde woman who was dressed as a slutty bee. Inside, Paris continued her political crusade, donning a black and white striped convict dress with the words "jail bait" printed on the bum in bold, orange letters. Because there are plenty of imprisoned hookers who can't celebrate Halloween either.

Yep, it’s what I thought it meant. I think they’ve hired five-year-olds to write the headlines at MSN Canada.

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Red Jenny said...

That's hilarious. The headline is bad, but the article is awful too. Personally, I like this line "she told a Raw Vegas reporter, a blonde woman who was dressed as a slutty bee".

bigcitylib said...

Their celebrity gossip column has been doing alot of that. They had a headline re Britney, stripping, and public washrooms, chronicalling one of her nights out clubbing.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

See, I thought that was hilarious. It's telling it like it is! 'Cause Paris' rationalization that she was "supporting the troops" was laughable, and so they made fun of it.

I think it's good to see them not taking celebrity b.s. "news" too seriously, and giving us our gossip, while kinda mocking us for wanting it!