Monday, January 21, 2008

Dipper glass houses

Oh how quickly they forget...

(FWIW I still say go before the budget.)

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Wheatsheaf said...

Great logic! The ever cynical Bill Curry publishes one article reporting that the leaders from those bastions of NDP support, that is New Brunswick of NB and Yukon, may view the odd positive thing in the budget, and you use that as counter for Liberal indecision.

Northern BC Dipper said...

Uh, if you notice, the so-called split is coming from the NDP provincial sections, especially the weaker ones, which, I'd say don't have much of a say what the Federal NDP does, even it is is technically the same party.

Liberal indecision on the other hand, is coming from within the Liberal federal section...

Jay said...

spin baby spin!

Greg Fingas said...

So is Dan an NDP spinmeister as well in making exactly the same point as NBCD?

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Not a chance the govt falls before the budget, the CPC controls the Opposition days and they will schedule them to the end, the precedent was set by PMPM during the last govt so the LPC cannot scream very loud over it. The Afgan vote will not be confidence if the polls are close, meaning the CPC does not have majority numbers. We may not like how the game is being played but all parties help to get us here by the way they constantly tweaked the rules and or interpreted (sp) them.

Jeff said...

Wheatsheaf, I think you can do better than attacking the journalist. And the two linked blogs also linked to coverage of one meeting, so that point is moot. And I wasn't aware that views from people in certain provinces don't count. Which regions are worth listening to, in your opinion?

NBC, it's not technically the same party, it IS the same party. And I'd say premiers/provincial leaders are also pretty big players in the federal party. Either way, I do also recall quotes from anonynous "senior NDPers" or something like that.

Jay, like a record.

Jurist, everyone is entitled to their view. I'd imagine, say, Dalton McGuinty coming out this afternoon and saying pass this budget would generate a headline or two.

Kingston, it appears Dion has decided to wait until the budget, at least, anyways so its probably moot. I'd say though that the precedent wasn't set by Martin, it was much older. As is the precedent for hypocrisy carried on by Harper.

I'd have no problem with him monkeying around with opposition days. Sure, I'd raise a stink, because that's what bloggers do, and also because it would be a sign of weakness by Harper, but still the rules are the rules and all's fair and what not.

The hypocrisy of the Cons doing the very thing they screamed blue murder and the death of democracy though, that would be worth screaming a little about, even if they've flip-flopped so much since taking office it's not really news.

Back to the NDP and election timing, let me mention again to all that if the NDP had really wanted an election, they could have trigered one last fall by voting for the Liberal amendment to the throne speech. Bam, election.

The NDP didn't really want a vote though. And they still don't. Mired at 13 per cent in the polls pretty consistently, they'd lose seats. What they DO want, though, is the issue. They want to say they're for an election and the Liberals aren't, and as long as the NDP can nestle comfortably under the warm blanket of Liberal strategic voting, they can have their cake and eat it too.

But anyway, my point here wasn't to begin another NDP/Liberal war, just to point out that, much as Liberals are thinking about election timing, so are NDPers. And there's unanimity on neither side. That's all.