Friday, February 22, 2008

What would Keith Davey do?

Interesting column in the Winnipeg Free Press this week (h/t Sean) that makes some good points about today's Liberal Party:

On page 101, he repeats the refrain: "(F)aced with the alternative of voting for a real Tory or a carbon-copy Tory, the real Tory will vote for the real thing every time. Right-wing liberalism is a recipe for political disaster."

Davey didn't want his party confused in the public's mind with the more centrist Progressive Conservatives. Imagine his distress over any Liberal conflation with today's harder-right Republican-Conservatives.

Yet today's Liberal caucus has repudiated virtually all Davey's maxims. It is restive and dismissive of a leader it refused to support for the leadership. Its front bench is tilted to the right, particularly on foreign and fiscal policy. And it is a journalist's cornucopia of internal bickering, backbiting and damaging leaks.

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In_The_Centre said...

I tend to over think that terms such as "centre-left" are overly abused, not to mention the fact that centre left probably has a different meaning today then it did in Trudeau's time.

By accepting Keith's Davey argument, one could conclude that Chr├ętien’s majorities were a fluke (divided right?) because he led one of the most right wing governments relative to Liberal predecessor governments.