Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why isn't Harper standing-up for a Canadian soldier?

I don't know how this story has flown under the radar for so long, but it really shouldn't. Last week, the report of a Canadian military inquiry investigating the death of a Canadian peacekeeper, Major Paeta Hess-Von Kruedener, during the summer 2006 Israel/Lebanon war, was released:

In a report released Friday, the board of inquiry into the death of Major Paeta Hess-Von Kruedener said it found no evidence that anyone from the United Nations or Canadian Forces should shoulder any of the blame - that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) as a whole is responsible.
More on the incident itself:
The 43-year-old soldier from Kingston, Ont., and three other peacekeepers under UN command died in the bombing on the night of July 25. Fighting between Israeli and Hezbollah forces had broken out earlier in the month and the UN post, located about 10 kilometres from the Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian borders, was right in the thick of it.
That’s disturbing enough. But more disturbing is the lack of cooperation from the Israeli military with the investigation, and the apparent unwillingness of the Harper government to press them on it:
The report notes that the IDF did not fully co-operate with the Canadian inquiry and denied access to documents and people involved in the event. It suggests that if the board had the access it requested, it might have been able to assign blame to an individual within the IDF.

The board also couldn't resolve the unanswered question of why Israeli air force jets continued their attacks despite warnings that UN personnel were in the area.
I’m not going to buy into the theory floated by some, including the widow and Kofi Annan, that the UN outpost was deliberately target. That’s hard to believe. I don’t think the IDF had any nefarious intent, but clearly there was a breakdown of communications, and it had deadly consequences.
The report found no failure of communication on the UN side and said the IDF "has failed to explain why the attack was not halted."

According to the board's evidence, there was enough time for the information to get to the appropriate IDF authorities and "had the IDF side of the liaison network been functioning effectively, the incident could have been prevented."
This matter has not been resolved satisfactorily. Stephen Harper needs to telephone the Israeli Prime Minister immediately, and demand full cooperation from the IDF so the truth in this matter can be known. Major Hess-Von Kruedener deserves that much.

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yeah, I seen that story last week, too. The HarpoonTossers can't say anything. That would mean they'd have to criticize Israel. That's something they can't do. The military investigation must have erred. Or maybe they weren't supposed to make it public.

Support the troops. What a joke! Harper uses the troops as political fodder and when our allies use our troops as cannon fodder, he couldn't care less.

BTW, should Petey Wetey Woo be makin' some sorta statement. Maybe he can go an' talk to somebody who'll quickly forget ever meetin' ol' Potato Pete like the torturin' gumner in Afstan who MacKay sez he complained to about torture.


evilscientist said...

Yet further evidence that Conservative "support for the troops" extends only to yellow ribbons on their cars.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh I believe it was intentional. You intend, I intend, we all intend - Israel included - the logical consequences of our acts. That's the way society works and that makes these deaths entirely intentional. The Israelis knew where the UN outpost was located. They knew their shells were hitting it. That is intentional. You're suggesting they didn't want to kill the UN observers. Maybe so, maybe they even felt bad about it, but they certainly intended what happened.

BlastFurnace said...

I, like the majority of Canadians, support the State of Israel. But the response to Hezbollah a couple of years ago was totally disproportionate and hurt civilians -- including Harper's fellow Christians -- far more than it did the terrorist group. I find Harper's silence totally disgusting.

Maybe he's getting too much advice from televangelists. After all, silence -- like the yellow ribbons -- is golden.

wilson said...

Curious that the report came out on Feb 1, and I don't think ANYONE asked about it in QP...(?)
No party has accused Israel of intentionally bombing a Canadian, yet..

Can you post links you have, to any Lib MPs making a statement or asking a question of the Government on this matter?

Why the silence from Dion?