Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A long day, and a happy night

I'm back home after a long day of door knocking and scrutinnering in Willowdale, and a great victory party with Martha Hall-Findlay, Stephane Dion and a jam-packed room of Liberal volunteers, supporters, and Liberal MPs current and future.

It was a long day, but certainly a very satisfying one as we saw the results Martha was able to pull in at the polls I worked and across the riding. It will be great to see her in Ottawa, along with Bob Rae and Joyce Murray. A though loss for Joan Beatty, not wholly unexpected to be sure given events in the ridings, but I think lessons to be learned from there. I hope they will be.

I need to turn in, I have an early morning and a full day tomorrow, two work-related events and then what promises to be a very interesting event on the Internet and politics called The Permanent Campaign in the evening.

So no detailed anaysis probably until Tuesday night. So for now I'll just say while I'm sad for Beatty, and it's a tight margin in Quadra, as a Liberal I'm happy with three our of four, particularly with Martha's margin. The Conservative and NDP totals in Toronto deserve close analysis.

And a big congrats to fellow blogger Chris Tindal, who ran an amazing campaign for the Green Party in Toronto-Centre. It looks like he'll finish in 3rd, just a handful of votes behind the NDP candidate and nearly 100 ahead of the Conservatives. An amazing performance, and a teastament to the hard work of him and his team, and the message he brought to voters. One way or another, I hope we get Chris to Ottawa one of these days.

More Tuesday night, must sleep.

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MississaugaJoan said...

Looking forward to your analysis, as "a BCer", to what happened in Quadra (how we won it by a mere 151 votes; would have probably lost it without the Cadman affair).

900ft Jesus said...

Congrats to Martha Hall Findlay...and to you, A BCer! Thanks for helping make this happen and for giving us a glimpse into the celebrations.

Ms Findlay will be more than a quiet back bencher adding to the vote. Pretty exciting and lots to look forward to.