Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In and Out hearing video highlights

With yesterday's In and Out testimony at the ethics committee yesterday I decided to take my first crack at video blogging, and make a video with some of the highlights of the testimony and my comments. The result follows:

I'm not overly happy with how it turned out. My camera and mic are pretty poor quality, I was plagued by technical difficulties, and I need some better editing software. After spending too much of yesterday evening playing around with it I just decided to call it a day and go with it as is. It's a first attempt though, I'll try some different things in the future and get it right hopefully one of these days. And of course I should have been saying Mayrand, not Maynard.

For more on day one of the hearings, visit these links:

Toronto Star: Tory party violated rules, MPs told
CBC: Election chief counters Tory defence on election expenses
CP: Electoral officer tells MPs of $1.3 million in suspect Tory campaign expenses
Toronto Sun: Vote czar zaps Tories

Liberal Arts and Minds: From fact to fiction with a sprinkling of funny
Far and Wide: Everyone doesn't do it
Impolitical: Heckuva job, Pierre
Accidental Deliberations: On fabrications

And for the definitive live blogging coverage:

Inside the Queensway: In and Out Inside Out: Liveblogging the Ethics committee and And now, a very few pointed questions from the audience: Liveblogging the Ethics committee's afternoon session

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Woman at Mile 0 said...

Loved this BCer....thanks so much!

Karen said...

That was good Jeff.

It's nice to mix it up a bit and go to a visual account.

Thanks for the link btw.