Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maybe it's that other Chantal Hebert

A scathing column on the NDP's opposition to the Liberal Green Shift by Chantal Hebert in the Toronto Star today. Unfortunately, due to my deep dislike of Hebert I can't get too excited, but it's still a nice read. And she actually resists taking unfair potshots at Stephane Dion for a change too.

As twisted as it may seem, the logic of advancing the cause of climate change by waging war on the Liberals at a time that party is winning kudos from much of Canada's environment movement for its Green Shift plan is what passes for strategy for the federal NDP these days.

And speaking of the possibly upcoming by-elections, the Liberals have two pretty good Quebec candidates there in Marc Garneau (Westmount--Ville-Marie) and Roxane Stanners (Saint Lambert). Fall by-elections would also likely include Guelph, where the Liberals are running Frank Valeriote, and Don Valley West, where the Liberal candidate is Rob Oliphant.

I'm not convinced we'll see by-elections this fall though. Even if they're called I expect (or hope) they'll be preempted by a general election this fall, unless a)Liberal cold feet resurface, b)The Cons play prorogual games to delay the HoC return, or c)After the Liberals agree to go, the NDP and BQ decide they don't want to just yet.

UPDATE: More from the Star on the carbon shift, this time from Lynn McDonald. In addition to being a professor, Lynn was an NDP MP from 1982 to 1988, including a stint as environment critic.

But does the NDP not realize that the poor are the worst hit by climate change? And will increasingly be harmed as global heating gets worse? Would Tommy Douglas have missed this?

Already there are environmental refugees and victims of drought and food shortages in Third World countries. In Canada traditional hunters (with very low incomes) have seen their livelihood harmed. What protection will the urban poor have as temperatures rise?

The NDP has historically been a leader in advocating social justice, but not now.

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