Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In PEI is it a red shift?

The Charlottetown Guardian reports that Keith Milligan, the candidate that lost to the infamously departed for business reasons Robert Morrissey for the Liberal nomination in Egmont, will again seek the Liberal nod:

Milligan, who lost to Morrissey in last fall's closely fought nomination battle, said he has carefully considered the consequences of the new political developments in Egmont.

“I am not making any rash decision here, I have carefully thought through the situation and have consulted very extensively within the party...It is after this process that I am now announcing.”

Milligan has considerable political experience. He was elected to the provincial legislature six times and has held a number of high-profile portfolios, including being premier.

When reached for comment, Conservative spokesperson Ryan Sparrow said Milligan has decided to run for the Liberals again because he really, really hates Stephane Dion's Green shift. He just hates it so much!

Don't forget to tip your waitresses folks.

(Red shift because of the red soil.)

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