Friday, August 08, 2008

Please pray for Stephen Harper

According to the CBC's Political Bytes blog, Conservative MP Bev Shipley has been distributing the following bookmark in his riding. This one was left for congregants in the back of a church hall. (h/t)

Political Bytes notes:

More investigative-minded readers may find it interesting to read the entire biblical chapter quoted here. First Timothy 2 goes on to ask that the "woman learn in silence with all subjection," and not "to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."

One presumes these verses do not reflect the position of the Conservative Party on the role of women in Canadian society.

Actually, I'm impressed Bev asked that Stephane Dion be included in his prayers. Now if Bev and his colleagues could just apply some of that scriptural foundation to their attack-ridden Web site, and turn the other cheek instead of launching partisan lawsuits to silence opposition and free speech, then we'd be getting somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Part of the text says: I covet . . .

That's a no-no and goes all the way back to Exodus.

The subjugation of women is contentious and perhaps the Conservatives are afraid of women the likes of Deborah Grey or other sensible women who bring much to the table in discussion and debate.

These people don't want women and women don't want conservatives.
The women come out better off in the end of that bargain.

Harper sometimes acts like an old woman anyway and some of his cronies were anile also. Remember Randy White?

Conservatives are desperate now that an election is looming.
Let all the women vote other parties and the conservatives might end up with not enough seats for party status.

Prole said...

Dominionist dog whistle. Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that Harper need no prayers.

Something like the divine right of kings and the "anointed".

Jason Hickman said...

Matthew 7:5 right back at you, Jeff.

Jeff said...

Mark 4:12

Jason Hickman said...

Since I'm all for Olympic Truces, can we agree on the near-universal applicability of the tail end of John 8:7 when it comes to politics?

Jeff said...

Peace be with you, Jason.

Saskboy said...

Where are the trolls claiming that if it was a Liberal praying, they'd be praying a terrorist gets Stephen Harper's head?